Dave and Busters create a game contest: Win = Free Play for LIFE!


Do you love Dave and Busters but hate having to spend $40+ to get the most out of a night’s worth of games? Well, Comedy Central and Dave and Busters have come up with a contest that allows people to come up and present ideas for the next arcade game to be released at their, well, arcades!

The grand prize is that the game gets made, but you also get FREE PLAY FOR LIFE! Practically every kid’s fantasy that ever went to an arcade!

2nd place is $5,000 worth of game play, and 3rd place is $500 worth.

You also get a coupon for $10 worth of gameplay (with purchase of $10 gameplay) just for entering. Not a bad deal at all.

Think you got what it takes to create the next hit arcade game at Dave and Busters? Enter and find out before July 15th!

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