Sony E3 Press Coverage. PS4 Details, Sony Has Won The War



 Staring off with some Vita games, Sony’s lineup looks strong for it’s handheld system. Going into some PS3 releases including the highly acclaimed The Last Of Us and showing the beautiful new Gran Tourismo 5. Continuing with Batman : Arkham Origins. Part of the partnership with Warner Bros, two exclusive skins will be included. The exclusive PS3 GTA5 bundle includes headphones only sold as part of the package.

PS4: PS42

Design wise, the PS4 has gone with the safe, black, rectangular box we’ve loved and enjoyed. Reminiscent of a first gen PS2.

Price: $399

Over 100 PS4 Titles will be available in the first year. Bigger yet, no DRM, and the PS4 supports used games. I can honestly say, Sony has just won the console war. PS4 won’t need always online either, or need any authentication or connect every 24 hours.

PS+ Membership also carries on to the PS4. This is huge news.
Driveclub will be instantly available to PS+ members on day one as well as two indie games.
Only downside so PS+ will be required for online play.

The PSN also promises much more support for music and video unlimited services. Video Unlimited promises day 1 availability to millions of movies and shows. Surprisingly the PS3 is the #1 Netflix streaming platform. Redbox is also coming to PSN. Live Events Viewer is PSN’s pay-per-view event watching service. Flickster support is coming soon.

Playstation and Gaikai. This simply means that as Nvidia Grid showed us last year, console quality gaming will be available almost everywhere thanks to cloud based technology.

Upcoming Game Titles presented by Shuhei Yoshida:

Exclusive : The Order 1886
Looks very Bioshock-infinite in a simi-steampunk world with what looks werewolf hunters. Possibly Vampires, not sure at this point. As a new IP, it is quite exciting to see another game in this awesome setting.

Exclusive: Killzone – Shadow Fall
Solid FPS title that always does well.

Exclusive: DriveClub
Very well rendered, beautiful

Exclusive: Infamous: Second Son: 2014
Super excited about this title. Controlling fire has always been a “fetish” of mine you could say, and although the main character does seem like a bit of a d(&#$bag, the gameplay looks just as explosive as the series commands.

Exclusive: Knack
Robotic and aimed at a younger audience, looks like another answer to Skylanders.

Exclusive: The Dark Sorcerer
Running in real-time, the trailer looks absolutely marvelous. This is what we’ve been expecting from next-generation graphics.

Indie and Third Party Titles:

Transistor – 2014
An action, top/side scrolling action-rpg game.

Secret Ponchos:
A nice combination shooter and fighter.

Oddworld New and Tasty:
A remake of the highly acclaimed original coming soon to PSN.

Just a few of the highlight in the incredible lineup of indie games and developers exclusively on the PS4.

Big Titles

Diablo 3 is coming to the PS3 and PS4 with exclusive extra items.

Back into the limelight with a new trailer. Still as impressive, it shows clips of the young Noctus, as well as some new characters. Gameplay includes some very quick action scenes using the unique engine for this installment of the Final Fantasy series. Simply, astonishing.

Kingdom Hearts 3:
Wow, Sony is really looking to please here. Kingdom hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated titles that Square Enix has to offer. We’ve been waiting, and it is here.

Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag
Additional footage with active gameplay shows our assassin slaying settlers on a remote island besieged by warships. Fast paced and highly detailed, this seems like another solid installment in the series.

Watch Dogs:
Gameplay footage shows the in-depth use of hacking mechanics and just how many options the player has during missions. Controlling everything from cameras to cars. Interestingly, the game can also be accessed through a tablet, providing additional support. Playstation owners get an additional hours of gameplay.

NBA 2k14:
Shows off a powerful new engine.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Spring 2014
Surprisingly, this open world MMO is coming to the PS4. Looking much better than what we saw saw last year, now the game looks much more like what the Elder Scrolls are all about. With a beta exclusively on the PS4, this could be one of the most successful console MMOs to date.

Mad Max:
Unexpected. Mad Max is a movie game, can’t say I’m that excited.

As one of my own personal most anticipated titles of the year, I expected nothing less than what this gameplay trailer delivered. And god did it deliver. Bungie shows off (with minor glitches) how amazing this game has become. Team strategy looks vital, and combat is flawless. This is one of the finest combinations of FPS and RPG ever created. Weapons change as you upgrade them. Group events effectively turn team dungeons into huge raids.

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