SEGA announces Project Diva F is coming to the West


Last year at E3, I saw a peculiar game that stuck out amongst the guns, politics, and action. SEGA wanted to test the waters by showcasing a PS Vita version of Japan’s wildly successful vocaloid music game, Project Diva. Today, SEGA has formally announced its first VOCALOID game for the Western market, Project Diva F for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network.

Three months ago, a Facebook post was made out by SEGA in order to gauge interest in the game, encouraging its fans to Like and Share the post. In less than 3 days, the same post had garnered up to 25,000 Likes and 15k shares. Fans in the states have been praying to SEGA for years now to localize the series and we’ve finally made that wish happen!

I’ve played the Japanese release and it is fantastic rhythm game for the PS3. Those wanting to taste it soon won’t have to wait long as the demo is schedule to drop on June 11th in NA (Our EU brethren, the 12th).

SEGA has set a tentative release date for this August.

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