Classic game Shadow Warrior now free on Steam

If you’re a fan of classic FPS games that poke fun at bad martial arts flicks, Devolver Digital has granted your grandest desires. After a promotional effort on the Facebooks

Captain America: The Winter Soldier details from Cleveland State University

Filming has begun for Captain America: The Winter Soldier at Cleveland State University this morning. While no images of actors in costume have been taken but some interesting details have

Man of Steel featurette: The Battle of Smallville

Sears and Warner Bros. teamed up to create a behind-the-scenes featurette called “The Battle of Smallville”. The featurette describes the making of Superman and how they molded this Superman to

Transformers 4: New Bumblebee image

First, the fancy Autobots, then Optimus Prime… it’s about time Bumblebee got a new look. Michael Bay posted a photo of Bumblebee on his Twitter. Here is his new look!

Cruella de Vil to be the leader of Nova Corp in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The exciting news about Glenn Close getting a big part in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t the fact that she’s getting a part in the movie, but the fact

Star Trek Into Darkness writer argued against the use of Cumberbatch’s character

Oh boy, the mention of Damon Lindelof can have a really negative effect on any entertainment property these days. He’s like a good scapegoat for displeased fans to lay blame

Iron Man gets inspired by Mega Man in this 8-bit parody

Here’s an Iron Man video heavily influenced by the old-school Nintendo Mega Man games. The 8-bit video pretty much sums up the whole first movie in 60 seconds. Now if

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator 5 and The Legend of Conan

Since ex-governator of California Arnold Schwarzenegger left office in 2011, he has been making a comeback in Hollywood with Expendables 1 and 2, and recently, The Last Stand. He has

Animazement 2013 cosplay music video from Beat Down Boogie

Our buddies at Beat Down Boogie has produced another awesome Cosplay Music Video at Animazement 2013 in Durham, North Carolina. Check out the video below!

Wolverine will appear in the Deadpool video game

The Merc with a Mouth finally gets his own game, and guess who comes to crash the party? That would be the Wolverine. So how does Deadpool feel about this?

Awkward Conversations #44 – The May Days of Technology

Download l Previous Episodes Get your Google Glasses out and take a listen as the gang is joined by Michael Mayday, iTechPost technology reporter extraordinaire. They talk about the latest

Awkward Conversations #43 – Oh my spock is showing!

Download l Previous Episodes This week host Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington discusses Star Trek with the experts. On this episode we discuss Pine-Nuts, Cumberbitches and everything Trekkie with Laura Sirikulvadhana

President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios tweets about DRM

For the past couple days it seems that people have been tweeting/campaigning, #PS4NoDRM, in regards to the PS4’s stance on DRM (Digital Rights Management) and always-on connectivity. When an employee from

Man of Steel: TV Spots

The 9th TV Spot for Man of Steel has been posted by Warner Bros. I’ve listed all the TV spots and trailers for everyone to see it at once. Man

Transformers 4: Optimus Prime and two new autobots

Transformers 4 director Michael Bay has released photos of the new look to Optimus Prime. It was described as “completely upgraded, custom-built Optimus Prime from Western Star (a subsidiary of

Snake’s voice to be revealed soon

Konami posted on their Facebook that they would be revealing the voice actor for the new Metal Gear Solid game. They will debut the voice of Snake on Thursday June

Fanime 2013 Cosplay Music Video

FanimeCon 2013 is now over. The event was held during the Memorial Day weekend at the San Jose Convention Center and brought in a lot of attendees, spilling out to

Need for Speed Rivals! And Ferrari joins the list

Have you beaten everyone in your most wanted list? Have you blasted past every speed camera and destroyed every billboard in site? Have your mastered every road in NFS: Most

Iron Man vs. GTA 4!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cause a rampage in Grand Theft Auto 4: Liberty City as Iron Man, then wonder no longer. The PC version

5 culturally significant nerd movies

Nerd culture is a difficult thing to pin down. It would be fair to say that being a nerd has gone mainstream. However, our interests cast a wide net, and