This week’s Humble Bundle features THE WALKING DEAD


I’m a huge fan of the Humble Bundle and I also happen to love Telltale Games. What happens when you put them together? A great cause! This week’s Weekly Humble Bundle features a selection of Telltale games including the highly-acclaimed THE WALKING DEAD.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, it is essentially a name-your-price model where you determine how your purchase is distributed to the developers, a charity, or even the site itself. If you pay more than the average amount at time of purchase you’ll get THE WALKING DEAD included! That’s 7 games, DRM-free (with exception of Walking Dead which is activated on Steam), ready to go at any time. Even if you already own these games, consider gifting them to a friend who haven’t had the pleasure of playing these amazing titles.

The sale only lasts a week so get to it!

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