Review: Ultra Etorque X10 Double/Full-Tower Gaming Case


If you’re looking to build a new computer rig and looking for a case; look no further than the Ultra Etorque X10 Double/Full-Tower Gaming Case. I’ve had this for quite some time and finally got a chance to get a full rig built up (I hit a few bumps while trying to get this rig up). I have to say that this is a beast of a case. This was nearly almost double the size of my normal cases. This actually made a great case for my server.


This thing is a beast, but it’s also a thing of beauty. The sleek black design, the matte look, and the touch of red here and there just add to its beauty. And the top compartment of the PC adds to its usability.

This case gives you a top panel with 2×2.0 USB, HD Audio, On/Off/Reset button; a main front panel with 2×3.0 USB, 4×2.0 USB, HD Audio, On/Off/Reset button on top of the case.

On the front are 6×5.25” Drive Bays and 2x120mm cooling fans. Behind those fans are some more drive bays: 6×3.5” drive bays and 4×2.5” (hot swappable trays) drive bays. And on the top compartment you have 2×2.5” and 2×3.5” drive bays for any extra hard drives you may have as well as room for an extra power supply you may want to add.

There are also removable air filters located at the bottom of the case, where the power supply sits, and another filter where the mesh look of the removable side.


Like many cases now, this uses a simple locking mechanism for its drive bays. It simply slides the hard drive or optical drive in the slot and lock it in with thumbscrews. This made it easier for me installing my Blu-ray optical drive.

This was a perfect case for my server because it offered lots of space as well as slots for my hard drives. I am currently running a RAID5, which has me using four 2Tb drives. I also use 2 SSDs; one for the OS and another for software.

The way the 3.5” bay drives are set up are amazing, but kind of quirky in the way they built it. It’s a hot swappable setup, but it uses the old IDE power connectors. And that threw me in for a loop when I realized it. Luckily for me I had one modular cord with 3 IDE connectors on hand. It only needs one power port for each pair of 3.5” drives I had. That took away all my worries. Also there are power ports for any extra fans you want to use.

And the holes to hide the wirings are great. It has bigger holes to fit more cables placed in location for easier accessibility and has padding to prevent tearing.

Final Reaction

Two words I would use to describe this case; spacious and ventilatede. I don’t have to worry about my PC overheating after so many hours of use.

Grade: A

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If you are interested in this item you can get it here.

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