Sword Art Online coming to Toonami this August

sword-art-onlineIt was confirmed by Aniplex USA today that Sword Art Online would be joining the Toonami series during Anime Boston. This popular anime series follows Kirito as he enters the online realistic video game Sword Art Online (SAO). To enter the game, players use a virtual reality helmet to create and place them in a whole new world of MMO games, where they can be anyone they want. A problem arises when the games creator traps everyone in the game. They are unable to log out, and if somebody forcibly¬†removes your VR helmet or die in the game, they would die for real. [Editor’s Note: Reminds me of the Matrix]

Aniplex USA also announced that it will be releasing four English subtitled/English dubbed Blu-ray sets selling for $112.98 each, and the 4 DVD sets cost $49.99 starting in August.

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