Fox gives Marvel the finger by including Quicksilver, Marvel should reply by including X-Men characters in Agents of SHIELD

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Joss Whedon confirmed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were going to be in the Avengers 2. A week later, Bryan Singer posted on Twitter that Quicksilver will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans were either excited or worried about the news. The excited fans hoped that this would lead to Marvel and Fox teaming up and possibly doing an Avengers and X-Men crossover. Well, that dream is now dead…just like Professor X. Too soon?

According to Hitfix, a source has told them that Fox and Marvel have their own plans with the Quicksilver character, and that they won’t be doing any crossovers.

This is not a situation where the two different companies are working together to try and create a sense of a larger shared world. In fact, if either of them could get the other to back off, they would. The thing is, Bryan Singer has designed a sequence that he feels only works with Quicksilver, and Joss Whedon feels that there is a pressing reason for Quicksilver to show up in “The Avengers 2,” and so what we’re going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we’ll get two totally different versions of one character. While they may act like things are amicable in public, HitFix sources say otherwise.

Oh wow. I feel like this is a big middle finger from Fox to Marvel. Since both studios are allowed to use the rights to Quicksilver, there were limits to how they can use them. Marvel can’t mention that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are mutants, or that they are Magneto’s children. Fox can’t mention that they are part of the Avengers. It looks like Marvel got the shitty end of the stick.

Marvel and Fox’s relationship have been rocky. Marvel wanted to get the rights to use Galactus and Silver Surfer for an upcoming Marvel movie, but Fox wouldn’t budge. Yeah, I’d be really pissed if I was Marvel.

Fans of Marvel have been wanting to have the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men rights to go back to Marvel and Disney. Now that Fox has included Quicksilver after Marvel was already announced Quicksilver, perhaps Marvel should do as they please now. I’m not sure who owns the rights to use X-Men and Fantastic Four characters on television, since TV rights have a lot of loopholes regarding animated/live-action shows, but if Marvel can produce a live-action X-Men show, I’m totally down for that. If they have the rights to use X-Men characters in the upcoming Agents of SHIELD TV show, they should totally go for it. Yeah, it will cause confusion. If Marvel can do this and have a lot of fans behind them, this might get Fox mad and result in them giving up the rights due to the backlash. Then again, that is if Marvel can use the characters in the live-action TV format in the first place.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on July 18th, 2014. The Avengers 2 will be out on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Hitfix

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  • Glen Ilnicki

    Marvel definitely gets the worst of this. The fact that Quicksilver is a mutant and the son of Magneto is a huge part of his character.

    • Fred Ganczar

      Yeah, and Nick Fury was white. Your point?

      • Terdfergussen

        Nick Fury is black in the Ultimates Universe.

        • Eldo

          You are a racist person and a bad pig. I hope you join your friend Osama soon.

          • TheFounderUtopia

            The hell are you talking about, he didn’t say anything remotely racist.

      • Glen Ilnicki

        My point is that the version of Quicksilver the X-Men movie will get, on paper, is a lot more interesting. What’s YOUR point? haha

        • pino

          You made a good point friend. Also, being raised as gypsies contributes to make them both who and what the are.

      • pino

        You couldn’t possibly understand his point. Someone that would write a reply like that to someone not making any trouble and just sharing his opinion does not have the mental capacity to understand his reply.

      • nick

        Not only is Nick Fury black in the majority of all the comic books….he is literally based on Samuel L. Jackson. The creaters even mentioned that his design was based on him.

        • Josiah Spiess

          Sure, NOW, after the comics decided to emulate the movies. Again, I don’t care about the race. Far as I’m concerned, as a master spy, Fury could have been a black guy disguised as a white guy or vice versa or a Chinese-American disguised as both or an alien symbiote. Who F’ing cares?

          • MT Tooms

            I think it IS actually lame to replace white Nick Fury with a black one. They should have respected the character as he was rather than just changing it for Samuel Jackson. They’ve done this stuff a few times in the movies, off hand I can think of Wild, Wild West which had rapping Will Smith playing Robert Conrad’s original character of a secret service agent in the 1870’s (which is entirely implausible, but that’s besides the point). These days, if they even tried replace a classic black character with a white guy, it would never happen because there’d be cries of racism. (Just like the ones I’m about to get…) Besides, could u imagine a white Shaft for example?? I like Jackson as Nick Fury, I really can’t complain about him… but I just wish they wouldn’t change classic characters for the sake of racial diversity or this “we’re all living in one big, happy racial rainbow” ideal that Hollywood really clings to.

          • Infractor

            Yes, Hollywood’s big happy racial diversity rainbow. Where they made ONE character black (hint: they didn’t actually – the comic character was black a fair while before the films). So, in your convoluted little mind, one black guy and 100 white guys and a girl means what? Equality across the board, right?

            It’s sad that you’re so daft as to draw those conclusions. You make me sad.

          • PegasusOrgans

            You are both correct! Hollywood DOES cling to a “happy rainbow” ideal, but it doesn’t mean there’s proper equality across the board.

          • Che Broadnax

            Dude. Ultimate Nick Fury looked like Samuel L. Jackson WAY before Iron Man actually cast him as such. The casting respected that character. It has nothing, really, to do with Hollywood trying to be diverse, and everything to do with Hollywood saying, “hey, there are two versions of this character, one that is modern, and looks like a famous, money-making actor, and one from a half-century ago that comics fans remember but pop culture doesn’t have much feeling for. Let’s go with the one that will make us more money. As a bonus, we can check off the diversity box and feel good about ourselves.”

          • meesa

            i love how people still keep avoiding the ORIGINAL nick fury thought xD

          • Che Broadnax

            Because it’s not relevant. There’s more than one Nick Fury for the filmmakers to choose from. The first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film ignored Gwen Stacy entirely in favor of MJ. Was it heresy? No, it was a choice, and one backed up by Ultimate Spider-Man’s story arc. Some of our favorite comic characters are over 70 years old now. Sometimes they get changed or updated. Iron Man gets captured in Afghanistan in the film world. It’s a better fit for today’s movie than the original. Although, in all honesty, I don’t think Nick Fury is a popular or important enough character to make much of a difference… outside of the aforementioned “choose the version that can be more successfully cast” issue. I’m not avoiding the fact that original Nick Fury was an eye-patched, cigar-chomping white dude with Mr. Fantastic hair. I just don’t particularly care. His race was not particularly central to his character, and the Marvel Universe is still overwhelmingly white in complexion. It’s just not that big of a deal. And, yes, I will come out and say that if they change a black character to white, it WOULD be worthy of scrutiny, for the following reasons: 1) There are so few mainstream characters of color, that changing a character’s race from person of color to white would be a case of whitewashing, regardless of the best intentions, and 2) most of the characters of color are not “randomly people of color” but rather have back-stories built on their place of origin or race. Not all of them, mind you, but many of them, and 3) what could possibly be gained by this process? For the last point, you’ll have to ask the folks that made the films for Bulletproof Monk, Last Airbender, Dragon Ball, you’ll have to ask the producers of the series Kung Fu.

          • DB

            Look up the release dates of “The Ultimates.” 1 and 2. They both came out YEARS before the films, and it was obvious from the first panel featuring Fury that it was based on Samuel Jackson. That’s why it was so awesome to see him show up as the character in Iron Man. The comics didn’t emulate the movies; the movies emulated the comics.

        • Sinjun

          he was altered from his original form when he appeared in the Ultimate X-men where he wasn’t based of Samuel L Jackson. they altered him because they wanted that in the ultimates comic.

        • Rob

          The majority? WTF are you taling about?? Fury has been around since 1963! That’s 38 years worth of comics BEFORE his introduction as the Sam Jackson model. I like the Jackson version, especially for the movies (much better than Hasslehoff) but please, if you’re going to make an arguement have one that’s based in reality.

          • meesa

            you just seem argumentative, because you still keep taling nonsense, sinjun IS right, 38 years of him being around makes no different to this conversation whatsoever, he still didnt look like that till a hell of a long time later…… so whats your point exactly??

          • meesa

            my bad, didnt read this comment fully, kudos, but still, some people arnt being very specific making them look stupid on here

        • Sinjun

          actually Nick Fury is only Black in the Ultimates Universe..

          the one you are talking about in the 616 Universe.. if i’m not mistaken is Nick Fury’s Son.

        • meesa

          you are truely the most obvious none comic book fan ive come across, yes NOW they base it on samuel L jackson, but originally it wasnt, nothing LIKE him at all, nowhere near based on him, infact, id put money on it noone had even heard of samuel L jackson when nick fury was created……. utter facepalm

      • Eldo

        You are a racist pig and a bad person. I hope you join your friend Hitler soon.

      • A. Arcade

        That doesn’t really change his character much at all. So what’s your point?

      • Che Broadnax

        In the original Marvel Universe, sure. But in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which has been running for over a decade, he’s looked like Sam Jackson. Just saying, that casting choice has nothing to do with studios changing things, and everything to do with writers and artists reinventing things.

        • meesa

          well said, some people seem to be jumping the part where he was white for almost the entire time of his being and jumping straight to “hes based on sam jackson” lol, it makes them look stupid without being more detailed

    • Andrew Parker

      He didn’t know that he was the son of Magneto early on, so that isn’t a real concern. And his mutant status isn’t that big a deal either, the origins of his abilities can simply be ignored, or understated.
      The only issue would come in developing the character as time goes by.

      I think it will be interesting to see how each company handles the character. Their track record thus far makes me think that even without the ability to reveal his mutant nature Joss will present him in a fashion far more faithful to the comics, but we shall see.

      • Glen Ilnicki

        His mutant status absolutely is a big deal. It’s because mutants are
        persecuted for how they were born that makes it a big deal; it’s the
        foundation on which the entire X-Men franchise was built.

        And if
        and when Quicksilver is revealed to be the son of Magneto in any film
        franchise, this could produce some fantastic drama. Quicksilver has
        always been torn between his loyalty to his father and his disgust in
        regards to his methods. This is a very interesting character

        So, what I’m saying is that, the Avengers 2 would
        probably benefit more from having a character who is 1) a mutant who 2)
        also has a mutant sister and 3) a villainous father than simply another
        superhero, albeit a fast cocky one.

        • Andrew Parker

          Oh, I absolutely agree with that in the bigger picture, and especially with an eye (as I said) on going forward.
          All I’m saying is that both of those factors are such that they can be safely ignored (I hope they ignore rather than rewrite his history) or worked around in a Marvel film in which the X-Men connection can not be discussed due to Fox owning those rights, while still representing the character well.

          Yes it would benefit from having the freedom of using every aspect of the character, of course it would. But as (sadly) that is not the case, I still think he can be portrayed well without them.
          In truth I suspect (perhaps I have become jaded) that even with the benefit of having the freedom to explore those avenues; Fox is likely to do a poorer job of presenting Pietro than Marvel will. On that we shall of course have to wait and see.

          • Glen Ilnicki

            I gotcha.

        • PegasusOrgans

          Actually, NO the “entire X-Men franchise” WASN’T built on mutants being persecuted. That persecution began in the 80’s and the X-Men were created in the 60’s. Read a wiki before you embarrass yourself.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      …and isn’t Mystique they’re Mother? That seems to be overlooked ?!

      • Sinjun

        mystique is nightcrawlers mother

  • acrossalloceans

    with the kind of money Disney has been throwing around, why not buy 20th Century lol

  • shmoeman

    Not the least bit excited about Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch. Always felt they were two of Marvel’s worst characters.

    • Steve Jean

      Seriously, was there an outpouring of interest in these two characters? Comic fans hardly care, why would the general public? DUMB.

    • PegasusOrgans

      With a name like Shoeman, you should be running things in the creative department at Marvel. So clever.



    • John Nemesh

      well, look who owns them…yeah, they are pretty much obligated to behave that way.

    • Eldo

      Shut the hell up, Osama! Shut. The. Hell. Up. Period.

    • rob

      And what would you do if you legally owned the rights to these characters? Just give them back?

      • mochuf

        No, but I’m sure this will hurt Fox in the long run when their contract with Marvel ends.

  • Andrew Bonavita

    Quick Silver had no part in the Comic, “Days of Future Past”. Fox has had a habit of taking an idea and remaking it in their image. Disney has taken the ideas and paid homage to them. To a fan, what fox is doing is like taking Revolations from the Bible and adding the verse, “Dont Panic”! And Disney is erecting a Temple. I say the true fans know what is right and we stick bye them…Buy Disney and Burn Fox. (Fox is scared)

    • John Nemesh

      Actually, it would be more like “We apologize for the inconvenience.” :)

  • Andrew Bonavita

    And for a man like Bryan Singer to leave X-men 3 to pursue Superman, on the oposite end of the Comic spectrum, is hypocritical to say the least. Now he supports Fox’s descision on the casting. Its like having a traitor on the payroll, then give him a raise for nothing. In government he would be locked up or exicuted!!

    • pino

      And somehow he was responsible for taking James Marsden with him. He jumped ship after he met Brandon Routh in a naked jacuzzi at a party. I imagine that, well, inspired him and and Marsden to jump ship. I didn’t know that the casting couch had turned into a casting jacuzzi. I also didn’t realize that seeing something in the casting jacuzzi could cause someone someone to jump ship and make another movie.

  • jack spencer

    Nobody is going to see Superman. And nobody will put up with Fox messing around with their heros. And Avengers 2 will break all the records.

    • yragcom1

      Nobody is going to see Superman? You’re kidding, right? If that movie doesn’t clear at least $90M opening week, I’ll slap somebody.

      • shmoeman

        Well, I saw it. Wasn’t really that impressive. It was just OK. It won’t even surpass Iron Man 3 in gross sales for the year. That tells you everything. How many times are we going to “reboot” Superman with the same mixed results?

      • John Nemesh

        It didn’t break any records, and was pretty widely panned. Superman is iconic, but a Nolanesque (dark and gritty) Superman? I will pass. I didn’t see the last Superman flick, and I wont be seeing this one…even on Netflix.

      • yragcom1

        Man Of Steel debuted opening weekend for a 3.25 day total of
        $128.7 million. If you count that whole figure as its opening weekend,
        then it not only trumps the $116.1 million debut of Alice In Wonderland for the second-best opening weekend for a non-sequel behind The Hunger Games‘s $152 million but becomes the 12th biggest debut ahead of the $128.1 million debut of Iron Man 2. But if you count just the $116.1 million Fri-Sun total as its opening weekend, which I generally do not, that puts Man Of Steel above the $110 million debut of Toy Story 3 for the June weekend record and ahead of Alice In Wonderland‘s $116.1 million but beyond the $121 million debut of Shrek the Third for the 15th biggest opening weekend in history.

    • John Carter

      yeah, Superman ended up being pretty popular. Dummie

  • yragcom1

    Quicksilver’s history is more rooted in the X-Men/ Fantastic Four, so he should be in Fox’s camp. Scarlett Witch is primarlity known as an Avenger, so Disney should use her. Forget the brother/sister thing.

    • pino

      Are you really that stupid??? Do you truly belive the crap you just said???

    • pino

      I apologize.

  • Steve Jean

    Let’s be honest, the whole Marvel movie universe is a convoluted disaster. Most of the movies stink, they’re glorified cartoons. They try cramming 100 lbs of sh*t in a 10 lb bag and think it’s going to make for great movies. Especially now that they are trying to widen this thing more and incorporate more characters, PLUS spread it to television. It’s a mess. I’m hoping The Wolverine will finally be a Marvel movie worth making, and it’s not about the planet coming to an end.

    • John Nemesh

      I disagree. While the Fox owned properties have been mediocre (or downright horrible, in the case of X-Men 3, BOTH Fantastic 4 movies and Wolverine:origins), I found the Iron Man movies (except for #2, that WAS crap), Thor, Captain America, The (Ed Norton) Hulk, and the Avengers to be excellent. There is something to be said for establishing a “universe” for all of these characters to inhabit and having continuity between the films.

  • Kirk Mailloux

    Fox gave the middle finger to the audience too. Instead of working something out with Marvel movies so they could both use the character, they decide to have a battle over the character. So now Qucksliver is going to be in both X-men First class 2 and Avengers 2 but they are different characters. Also Magneto has a third child. polaris is Magneto’s child too. Fox should use her and let Marvel Movies have the other two. That would work since Havok is in X-men FIrst Class and she is his love interest. No Fox has to be greedy about the thing. Why not start a battle over the Scarlet Witch too? Give another middle finger to Disney and the fans.

  • Khosi Nghozi

    I figure this has been a concern since before marvel had a marvel studio And then especially since there WAS a marvel studios. Comic book characters biggest moments come through the crossover moments. They are all defined and then intertwined by fellow publisher characters. We’ve hallways known having marvel spread between all these studios was going to be an issue. Rights and contracts and kegalities. But the essence of comic book characters is that there are always different versions of the same character. And legally and literally they have a right

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Marvel didn’t really get a raw deal. You just imply that their father is some horrible dude that don’t want to end up like to get the point across. It’s not ideal, but it’ll do until the rest of Marvel’s creations finally make it back home.

    • voxveritas

      Except for the part that doesn’t allow them to mention that they are mutants or use their real names. Although, I guess that they could just imply that they draw their abilities from mystical forces, a la Thor.

      • Scott Pattison

        Don’t explain the source of their powers, just “they were born with them”. As long as you don’t say mutant you are fine. Also, “Dad was a supervillain” is fine, just not which supervillain.

        • obloodyhell

          Agreed, though the notion that Fox owns the term “mutant” when applied to super heroes, that’s…rich.

  • John Taylor

    Could not watch X-Men movies. Too many changes from the comics. Avengers, on the other hand did a good job, even with changes.

    • Eldo

      You need to use more words to comunicate.

      • John Taylor

        This mustr have been one of my late night comments. They usually are word conservative.

        • HatesEldo

          No, Eldo is just a dork..

  • cobalt_blue

    I’m so heartbroken over this. /snark

    • obloodyhell

      You’re saying the studios have jumped the snark?

      This could be dangerous, if the snark is a boojum, you know?

      • cobalt_blue

        That’s okay. I have a vorpal sword that goes snicker snack.

  • Joshua Robinson

    They’re holding on to the rights because the movies they make are cash cows. I’d try to think of them as different universes but, it’s impossible because these events both happen in the mainstream universe!

    • obloodyhell

      Think of one of them as an “imaginary” story… LOLOLOLOLOLOL….

      • Joshua Robinson

        That would have to be Marvel, because Fox is actually more accurate by using X-Men storylines.

  • DrNope

    They have more to gain by playing nice.

  • Maraphina

    Let the Whedon win!!

  • TheFounderUtopia

    I don’t think Mutants should be introduced to the Avengerverse. Perhaps one-offs like Spider-man would be ok (so long as it’s not the douchy twilight version from the recent movies), but the problem with Mutants in the Marvel universe is there are so many of them. The whole point of the Avengers is that’s it’s a team of unique, extraordinary people, and they all became extraordinary by different means.

    If you suddenly open up an entire world filled with tens of thousands of superhumans then you dilute the whole concept of extraordinary to the point where it means nothing. Not even getting started on how we can reconcile the fact that none of the Avenger’s characters have made any mention of mutants so far, or why no mutants were included on the team since Fury’s whole mission was to FIND extraordinary people and bring them together.

    It makes no sense and it just wouldn’t work. I don’t even see why they want scarlet and quicksilver, there are many far more interesting characters to choose from in the Marvel mythos.

    • Huboi

      Agreed. Spot on.

    • voxveritas

      You really should have started your response with your last sentence. Because that’s EXACTLY what should be argued about the whole thing. Don’t know how to get around the part of not fully owning some characters? Then don’t use them! Simple as that. I really doubt Quicksilver and Witch can’t be worked around. Let’s bring in the Pyms and Vision instead, and avoid all the mutant problems!

  • jameson

    seems fine to me that there are 2 versions of him in movies, as there were always inconsistencies in his characterization in the comics, beyond the regular writer fiat. It was actually a part of his character pov that he had multiple personalities and internal conflicts. Other characters would also call him out on it.

    • Brad Haircut

      Seriously. I have always been wondering why people disliked X-men 3 so much. For me the story of the first X-men is far worse. The story was ludicrous. The beginning was very promising but the end scene wrapped up a completely pointless plot. X-men 3 had the merit of adapting a then recent story arc written by no other than Joss Whedon during his brief take on the comic book. The first one had the merit of making Wolverine cool and Magneto a great villain, all while building an interesting paternal relationship with Rogue but it’s the one that starts the habit of the terrible casting mistakes. I’ll never manage to think of Famke Jamsen and Halle Berry is far from being convincing as Storm. ( oh my god that line about toad and lighting sure didn’t help her ) In retrospective it became clear to me ( first Wolvie movie clarified this ) that Fox had no qualms about pooping on canon ( and fans for that matter)

  • Josiah Spiess

    Who cares? Super hero movies (mostly lookin’ at you, Marvel) have been shi**ing all over continuity for decades. I no longer expect to see any kind of real connection with the comics and if the movies themselves don’t connect with each other, I still don’t care. Hell, when you think about it, comics themselves don’t practice a great deal of continuity. ‘No Prize’ anyone? “How could Wolverine be on a Skrull ship in another galaxy and in Iowa at the same time?”. So it’s really a non issue.

    • obloodyhell

      }}} “How could Wolverine be on a Skrull ship in another galaxy and in Iowa at the same time?”

      1) Time Travel.
      2) Clone
      3) Multilateral Analogues
      4) Space-Time Dilation and Relativity issues.

      There are four reasons why continuity is not necessarily at issue.

  • Josiah Spiess

    I gotta disagree. Jean Grey in the movies had the Phoenix as a natural part of herself. Iceman had a love affair with Rogue in the movies. Basically, movie supes and comic supes are vaguely connected but if the movie director wants to have Xavier be an ex-ballerina turned kickboxing sumo, they just freakin’ do it. Would you be OK with Bishop being played by a white guy? I would. But that’s b/c I don’t expect any connection. And I think Fred was just pointing that out, not being racist.

    • A. Arcade

      I wouldn’t call that much of a love affair between Bobby and Rogue. Plus in the comics there was always some tension in where Bobby had interest in Rogue, so it’s not farfetched.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      I think he is being racist, because Nick Fury is black in the Ultimate Universe of the comics. There is no Universe in the comics where Quicksilver &Scarlet Witch are not Mutants, and Not Magneto’s children.

      • octoburn

        they don’t have to “not be mutants” or “not Magneto’s children”. They just can’t say it explicitly. If their father or the fact that they’re mutants doesn’t have anything to do with the plot, than there’s no reason to bring it up.

      • Sinjun

        technically there is one.. the ultimates universe where mutants are really super soldiers created by the government.

        but they are his children in that universe as well.

        interesting enough he has one more child that is still alive that people seem to keep forgetting about


        • Charles William Goings LMT

          Thank you!

        • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

          I didn’t forget about her, she’s one of my favorite character’s, but the discussion was not about her.

          • Sinjun

            only bring it up in so far that i’m not sure the directors and writers know the characters and their relationships. They probably only think he had two kids.

            They bungled Rogue’s powers for instance.

      • PegasusOrgans

        Nick Fury had been “White” since he was created in the 60’s. The Ultimates thing is very new, in relation to Marvel’s entire history. Hell, spider-man can be played by an african american/latino in the movies. Right?

        • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

          Pretty sure we were discussing Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch. Why is it so hard to stay on topic?!

    • Josiah Shuler

      Well but the thing is , Ultimate nick fury is black, The movie universe use alot of the Ultimate versions of the characters , and as far as connections go, If these studios felt they would make more money from just comic fans alone, there would be alot more accurate movies out there.

      • Sinjun

        they used as much Earth X. It’s the only universe i can think of where Thor is an Alien and not a God (similar to the movie)

        to be honest that might be a way around the mutant problem. All humans are empowered by a Genetic seed placed in them by the Celestials. the Celestials altered humanity so mutants would exist in 616, but the Genetic seed goes a way to explaining just about every super power out there.

        the Fantastic Four? the seed
        the Hulk? the seed

        if you do that.. then you have a way to do mutants and get away with it.

      • PegasusOrgans

        Spider-man is/was also black/latino. So they should do that in the movies too!

        • Che Broadnax

          If they make a movie with Miles Morales in it, maybe they will. A black Peter Parker would be a change, not one I would mind, but a change specific for a new movie version. Not sure I see your point, though.

        • obloodyhell

          I gather the next Green Lantern movie, if they make it, may center on John Stewart.

      • obloodyhell

        Yes, because accuracy to the 60s versions is impor… no, wait, the 70s vers…. no, the 80s v… awww, hell!!!

  • Postin

    This is total bullshit. Pietro and Wanda are one of few that tie x men to Avengers due to their relationship with Magneto (their dad), so fox needs to let Whedon take lead because he seems to be the only one going from the comics.

  • Jory Alexander Turgeon

    Marvel doesn’t even have the majority of rights for their characters? Poor Marvel…


    The movie i want to see is : The Avengers; The Fantastic Four; The X-Men ;HULK alltogether on the same screen battling the Giant Galactus with just a little help from Spider-Man and Daredevil.Include Spider-Man and Daredevil and Elektra by having them clear out the crime ridden city while it’s in panic over Galactus. Also have Spider-Man shoot his best webshot at Galactus by tripping him or trying to.Go CGI with Thing remember this guy is supposed to hold his own against the Hulk and maybe beat him.The costume in FF film wasn’t bad but it won’t work/look right against Hulk.

    • obloodyhell

      LOL, throw in The Justice League and the Teen Titans, while you’re at it. Should be a fantastic movie with each hero getting their 39.5 seconds of screen time out of the four hours. :-D

  • A. Arcade

    Fox would never give up rights due to some fan backlash. All the more reason to hang on to them and do what they please. Disney just needs to pony up some millions just like they did when they bought LucasFilm and buy the rights back. Marvel may be cheapskates, but Disney isn’t.

  • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

    Why not let Fox have Quicksilver, allowing him to stay true to the roots of the character & move on to other characters ?? Black Panther, the Vision, Ms./Captain Marvel, Wasp (a founding member). Other than Fox and Marvel, Bryan/Joss having a “mines bigger” contest, I’m not getting how Quicksilver is That important, especially in The Avengers ??! I’d have more faith in this “argument” if it were abo

    • ItsAnt

      Well because in the comics Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch were the original member of The Brother of Evil Mutants, with their father Magneto BUT the they abandoned their father because they didn’t believe in his methods and they joined the Avengers. Being Avengers and their rocky relationship with their father is a big part for their character origin. But I do agree with you. I’d prefer for the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to stay in the X-Men timeline. Joss should definitely introduce more character like Black Panther, Wasp, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Strange and many others. Let Fox be dicks. No need to fight over characters when Marvel/Disney have the rights to so many other characters that have yet to be seen on screen.

      • guessy

        You don’t get what he is saying. He said that there are other characters out there that are far more Avengers then QS and Wanda ever were, especially QS. He usually pops up when he is interested not when he is called. He is minority in Avengers.

        • obloodyhell

          The point remains that Whedon claims to need him for a story element, and, offhand, I’ll trust Whedon to know what he’s saying about something like that until proven otherwise.

  • ItsAnt

    Fox is like a spoiled little child in the sandbox. Most of the X-Men films that Fox have done have been okay but never on the caliber that Avengers was on. I respect Bryan Singer for opening the doors for comic book movies to become popular again but he and Fox need to stop being assholes. If Fox were smart, they would work with Marvel and Disney to create better X-Men movies and marvel crossover films. They need to realize that without Marvel, Disney and making so many changes to iconic storylines and characters that they will never reach the commercial and financial success that Avengers did and Avengers 2 and 3 will do as well. Even though it may be hard, Marvel should just develop new X-Men movies with New Mutants, The Hellions and Age of X comics. I’m even skeptical about Fox doing an X-Force movie. Marvel should be the ones to introduce iconic characters like Cable, Psylocke, X-23 and Apocalypse.But I guess we shall see. That’s how politics work, especially in the movie industry

    • obloodyhell

      }}} If Fox were smart, they would work with Marvel and Disney to create better X-Men movies and marvel crossover films.

      You’re presuming that Fox is the one being assholes.

  • guessy

    “Fans of Marvel have been wanting to have the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men rights to go back to Marvel and Disney.”
    Bullshit. Fans who don’t have any brain left want it. Sony and Fox do great job with Spiderman and X-men, i could care less for FF though. And yes noone cares about it strictly follow the comic book, thats stupid, noone would ever do it, neither did Marvel.
    Disney can make 2 movies/year at most. How long do you expect for actors to play the same roles and how many movies will you receive this way?
    Fox and Sony bought the most popular characters with most rich history, obviously they won’t give them back, i know i wouldn’t. But its Marvel who sell them, so why do you blame Sony and Fox and not Marvel?

    Good movies: X1,X2,XFC, SM1, SM2, ASM
    Watchable: GhostRider1(easily forgettable), FF1, FF2(easily forgettable), DD(easily forgettable)
    everything else is way below it

    Good movies: IM1
    Watchable: CaptainA(easily forgettable), Avengers, Hulk(easily forgettable)
    everything else is way below it

    So now, do you really want Disney doing everything themselves?

    • obloodyhell

      }}} Avengers
      OK, so you list IM1, but not IM3, and Avengers as merely “watchable”? You a paid shill for Fox, dude? :-D

      Avengers and XM:FC are easily the two best comic book movies ever made, though distinctly different — the latter is a little more cerebral and character development driven, while the former is just escapist action fun… and Avengers has the first really good Hulk version.

      IM3 is almost as good as those two, but slightly lower. IM one is not as good as IM3 but is still remarkably awesome. And the second Wolverine movie is certainly in IM1 or SM1 territory.

  • Name

    Nick Fury , was not replaced by Samuel Jackson, the books were before the movie; M.T. Tooms;- And besides “the Wild ,Wild West ” that was it ! Don’t get me wrong I would have preferred that the Marvel Universe stayed as it was before The” Ultimate
    Universe. Because that actually kinda messed up “Captain Amrerica” for me – because some of us TRUE Marvelites can attest to – The Howling Commandos” were Nick Fury’s- therfore when CAp came back to the land of the living – they already knew each other ! Also Leonardo D. Mystique never was or ever had been their mother, I htink my good man – you are thinking X-men , Nightcrawler ?!

  • Adam

    yeah, most the time the comic movies, have nothing to do with the comics, that’s why i really don’t watch any of them, I do have one question though, is the new show the Shield suppose to have taken place before or after the first Avengers movie?

    • obloodyhell

      LOL, since one of the obvious jokes is about one character appearing when that should be impossible due to events in the movie (to avoid any spoilers for the three people on the planet who haven’t yet seen The Avengers but want to), it can be considered a given that the new TV series takes place AFTER the events of the movie.

      And as someone who has been reading comics on and off for over 40 years, I think the fact that there’s a massive nomenclature to describe changes across time between characters and universes — “reboot”, “retcon” etc. — makes the notion of refusing to see movies because they aren’t identical to the exact now today today today canonical FICTION characters is… well, “amusing” at best.

  • Adam

    and he’s not being racist, he’s making a point that they don’t stick to the comic’s kingpin wasn’t black either, and they made him black, its not racist it truth

  • Adam

    Nick fury was white until Jackson played him in 2008, look it up, stan lee made him white

    • Tropxe

      Nick Fury was portrayed as black in the Ultimates series from 2001 onwards. Then that Fury was brought into the main Marvel universe as the white Nick Fury’s son. Both Fury’s still exist in the main Marvel continuity.

      • Austin Peay

        Not to mention that the black Nick Fury was modeled after Sam.

  • monsinyana

    How lame. Don’t they realize if they met halfway, using the same actor and have the writers work in collusion then everyone wins? The fans are happy, the brand recognition of the character goes up, and that results in higher profits for both companies in the long run. Besides this just undermines -the character- which should be both company’s priority after making a profit. (I think doing whats best to strengthen/stay true to the brand and character should be the #1 priority but the companies would never put art before profit. Heaven forbid.)

  • Sinjun

    if Marvel couldn’t mention Quicksilver or the Scarlet Witch as mutants then there are a hell of a lot of movies fox could have sued long before now and choose not to.

    the evidence suggests that saying they are mutants isn’t a problem. the term is just too generic for Fox to own it.

  • Just Saying

    I know fox is something of an easy target, an it’s the popular thing to bash on them right now…but, I feel this a very bias against fox

    Quicksilver is a x-men character, Fox owns the x-men rights, the character should be there’s to use

    (Just cause Marvel made the announcement first that they were using the character, that some how makes them in the right) what is this 1st grade “I called the swings” … they are only allowed to use the character because of some legal loop hole in the copy rights, anyway

    DOFP was already will into production, where A2 was only just being written (as far as we know, Fox was planing on using him the whole time, or that he was already in there script, before marvel made there announcement) maybe it was marvel who discovered that fox was planing on use him and decides to give them the middle finger by announcing it first

    quicksilver already made an small uncredited cameo in XO:W, so, if it’s a matter of “calling debs” on who using him first, fox already did
    (so it not like they’ve never consider using the character before marvel made their announcement)

    I don’t get why ppl like to make Fox out to be the bad guy here, simply for keeping whats rightfully theirs… why should be give up the right to marvel, and forgo the billions of dollars that those characters can make them… if you ask me marvel is the bully here

    • Croaxleigh

      It’s not really a loophole in the rights… the contracts were specifically negotiated to allow Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to be used in both X-Men and Avengers. While there may be some one-upmanship involved, Fox knew from the very beginning that a future Avengers film could contain the characters (and Marvel knew that a future X-film could contain them as soon as they decided to start their cinematic universe.)

    • obloodyhell

      }}} they are only allowed to use the character because of some legal loop hole in the copy rights, anyway

      This is the problem with copyright in general. You get idiotic legal pissing matches that have nothing to do with anything copyright is supposed to be about, which is enriching the social context.

      Instead it’s all about hollywood legal egos, and which lawyer has the smallest dick and hence the greatest need to compensate for it by giving other people senseless grief.

  • Jack Bauer

    This article is so stupid actually advocating for both the studios to mess up their movies just to piss off the other studio what a dumb article and premise.

  • Whimsy

    Maybe it’s time for Marvel to take back Spiderman and Wolverine. After all, they are both in the Avengers now…

  • clanwolf

    does it have to be Quicksilver? Marvel has plenty of speedsters, from Whizzer (lol) to Makkari, even Northstar.

  • Kellic

    Umm this is from the studio that shitcanned Firefly on season one. Of course Fox is a colossal dick.

  • Marvel fanboy

    Your assuming FOX even mention that quicksilver is magnetos son or a mutant… Fox have a habit of using charecters names then ripping them to shreds… Angel, Psylocke, lady death strike, dead pool, I really won’t go on (galactus cough cough) ok that’s out of my system, I see Foxs Quicksilver just being a one shot, a nobody that Bryan Snger wants for one scene… It doesn’t say it will be a dramatic, you were a lousy dad storyline, maybe he just want a charecter with his powers in it… I dunno though, Singer isn’t a bad writer (superman returns cough cough) and has said he likes the idea of a mash up with MCU so maybe he will work with Marvel on the sly, maybe this is all on Foxs Suits… I hate suits, professionals don’t ware them only money grabbers.

  • meesa

    its quicksilver…. so i
    really couldnt give a flying monkeys whether hes in both, days of
    futures past is just singers way of trying to right his huge huge wrongs
    with xmen 3 by making a 4 that covers up what happened in 3…… yeah
    way to go, thought that was jj.abrams thing? no? must just be me, time
    travel or alternate universes can fix anything…… except the memory
    of an awfully terrible 3rd movie, it started SO well… then about
    2minutes in my hopes where dashed and the simulation ended and the rest
    of the movie was pants (minus fraiser playing beast, looked epic) but
    yeah, fox and marvel can fight all they want

    only thing im peed about is the silver surfer….. the only good
    thing about FF2 and it wasnt a very good movie overall, but he deserves a
    good movie moment, but nope, thanks fox

  • meesa

    atleast someone gets it

  • Old Comic Guy

    nick fury was black in the marvel Ultimate universe after he was made black in the movies. The movie came before the Ultiamte line started. Look it up. Its not racist to want the character to reflect the race of the character your used to seeing. I wouldnt want a white guy being luke cage or a girl playing Iron Fist

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