Sony’s Spider-Man movie rights could go back to Marvel?


Some sites have been reporting that Sony is considering selling the Spider-Man movie rights.

Sony is having some financial problems and one of their investors, Daniel Loeb from Third Points, has made a bold proposal for the Japanese giant. The proposal would ask Sony to put part of their Sony Entertainment division for sale so that it can help them focus independently. Loeb mentions that even though he thinks the Sony Entertainment division is doing a lot better than their Electronics division, it’s still not up there when compared to their US competitors; for example, Disney.

Here’s the suggestion Loeb said in the letter:

“Take public a 15—20 per cent stake in Sony Entertainment, allowing it to thrive independently with the support of the Sony parent company while increasing capital to revitalize Sony Electronics”

So is Sony really considering selling the Spider-Man movie rights? I highly doubt it. The proposal isn’t about selling the movie rights, but to keep what Sony has and help them focus.

It was a nice dream to have for Marvel fans though. Just imagine Spider-Man in an Avengers movie and hanging out with the other big dogs like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

Source: The Register

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