Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong – Comic Review

Nothing-coverWhen I was given this graphic novel to read, I wasn’t really expecting much to tell you the truth. The comics that I usually read deal with superheroes or people with amazing powers. However after finishing this piece, I really and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The majority of us have experienced high school and this book explores this (though hilariously) through the life of Charlie the chill/popular basketball jock, and his best friend Nate, the neurotic/not-so-popular science club nerd. Oh yes, there’s jocks, nerds, snooty cheerleaders, and killer robots; this comic has it all.


Without spoiling anything from the story-line, these different cliques slam together at the beginning which creates an emotional spiral for both Charlie and Nate. The main issue: their school has decided to let the student council choose which extracurricular club will get proper funding. The cheerleaders, led by Nate’s ex-girlfriend Holly, want to get the money for new uniforms, while Nate wants the money to enter the national robotics competition. This then puts Charlie in the middle of this crisis, while also having to deal with his own issues.


This entire graphic novel plays out like a Saved By The Bell or a Boy Meets World episode. It’s very lighthearted and the author, Prudence Shen, makes sure to remind you that it’s all in good fun through the over-the-top character dialogue and interactions. There is an emotional and personal situation that it touches on with Charlie’s character, but it doesn’t get too serious with it.

Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks, the illustrator, have given it that classic Archie Comics flare mixed with modern themes. The book explores friendships, sacrifices, and compromise between pleasantly flawed characters coupled with a fast yet steady pace. I was able to finish this novel in about an hour. It’s a great read for all ages since the themes aren’t too complicated and you can relate to the characters fairly quickly. I highly suggest you purchase this piece.

Grade: A

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