New Magma Chamber map debuting during League of Legends All-Star week


Riot recently announced that players will be getting a look at a new 1v1 map, Magma Chamber, during the skill matchups for the all-star games. The new map is designed to be the go-to map for 1v1 games, much in the same way that the Howling Abyss map formalized ARAM games. Magma Chamber features a single lane, a pair of parallel bushes, and a single tower for both sides.  The all-star week matches will follow traditional player-created 1v1 rules. The winner is the first to achieve any one of the following: get first blood (or 2 kills in the case of the 2v2 bot lane matchup), kill 100 minions, or destroy the enemy’s tower.

It has not been announced if the map will natively support this rule set or not. Now when someone claims “1v1 me bro” you have an arena to throw them in to and crush under your clearly superior heel. Magma Chamber is scheduled to release before the launch of Season 4, and in the interim it will undergo a heap of testing, from technical aspects to game balance, including time on the Public Beta Environment.

Long-time players of League will likely recognize the name Magma Chamber as it was originally slated to be a new 5v5 map along the lines of Summoner’s Rift, but with a volcano theme. Rather than a re-skinning of the popular Summoner’s Rift map such as with the Winter or Autumn variants, Magma Chamber was going to be an entirely new map for you to insta-lock mid, blame someone else for not warding, and get ganked to your heart’s content. The map was described as being much larger than Summoner’s Rift and based on concept art released on the map (pictured below), featured an entirely different layout with new terrain features to exploit.

Much to the dismay of many players, Magma Chamber as a 5v5 map was cancelled and this new map was themed in homage to that original concept. It was speculated that it was cancelled because the new layout would not be able to be properly balanced due to the game being balanced around the Summoner’s Rift layout. While it’s great to see that volcano theme coming to light in some form, it is sad to say that we can bury any hopes of the original 5v5 Magma Chamber map making a revival in the future.

Concept art for the cancelled 5v5 Magma Chamber

Concept art for the cancelled 5v5 Magma Chamber

Source: LoL Esports Official Website

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