JJ Abrams reveals cut shirtless Cumberbatch scene

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In light of accusations of the new Trek film being sexist, JJ Abrams responded last night on Conan with a deleted Star Trek Into Darkness scene of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in a shower scene.

Abrams explained that he actually included the scene with a scantily clad Alice Eve (Dr. Carol Marcus) as a characterization for Kirk, who is a well-known ladies’ man. Abrams went on to state that he felt it was balanced out by a quick shot of a shirtless Kirk in bed with a pair of alien twins early in the film. Apparently not because the subject of sexism based on the Alice Eve shot has been rampant.

Enter Abram’s answer to the sexism accusations: A cut scene of shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch in the shower.

See it here:

That scene in 3D IMAX would have been glorious. So disappointed it got left on the cutting room floor.

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