Xbox One to require online connection once a day? Plus no self-publishing for indie devs


The Xbox One Reveal is now over, and it is not looking good for core gamers. After the event, sites were able to get some more insight on the Microsoft console that wasn’t revealed via the presentation. One of them is that gamers would have to pay a fee to play a used game.

Gamers should be excited that the Xbox One won’t require an always online connection, but there’s a catch. Microsoft Vice President Phil Harrison has told Kotaku that the console will require an online connection once a day. Microsoft has told Polygon that Harrison’s answer is a “potential scenario.” Whatever it is, Microsoft is clearly all over the maps.

And if you love your indie gaming, then this piece of information should be disappointing for you. The Xbox One will not give indie developers the ability to self-publish.

If an indie developer wants to have their game on the Xbox One, they will need to strike a publishing deal with Microsoft Game Studios or another third-party publisher to have their games be on XBLA. The only exception is if they were to release their games on Xbox Live Indie Games. This would be a bad route, since it’s lesser known and has more financial drawbacks.

Things might change though, since Redmond Game Studios and Platforms Matt Booty told Shacknews:

“I would also expect that for this new generation, that we’re going to continue to explore new business models and new ways of surfacing content. But Microsoft Studios is a publisher that works with a wide range of partners, as do a lot of other people, to bring digital content to the box.”

If you don’t care about indie games, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you, but for those who love their indie gaming, they might want to consider other console options.

Indie developers can self-publish via Sony’s PSN and Nintendo’s eShop.

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