Review: Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse, So close!


“Logitech has and will always create products which can outlast just about any competitor on the market.”

The first mouse I ever owned was a Logitech standard ball mouse. I wore that thing out to the bearings, and loved every minute of it. Now, the grandaddy of PC peripherals has decided to step back up and show the youngsters how it’s done. Has it succeeded? Well, kind of.

The G500s Gaming Mouse is the entry model mouse for Logitech’s “G” series.


Design and Ergonomics

The original MX500’s design was a huge hit for anybody with above average-sized hands. I’m not saying you have to be a mutant, but for those of us with small, frail, moisturized hands such as myself, it could be slightly uncomfortable over long periods of time.

As for aesthetics, it isn’t as aggressive looking as a Razer, but yet it’s more striking than some Steelseries mice. Its a nice in-between feeling, much like a Vespa, and it’ll get you around and you’ll get some looks, but at the end of the day, it isn’t really a motorcycle. The extra weights, which can provide up to an extra 27 grams, are nice and tidy, and tucks well out of the way under the mouse. A few lights adorn the front, which include an LED meter for DPI settings and a lit scroll wheel.

The Hardware

Specs wise, the G500s is pretty impressive for being a bit cheaper than some of the alternatives on the market.

Mouse Specifications:
Connection Type Corded USB
USB Type Full Speed USB 2.0
Sensor Type Invisible Laser
DPI Settings 400, 800, 2000 out-of-box (3 Settings)
200 to 5700 adjustable 100 increments with software (5 Settings)
DPI Settings Buttons Minus (-), Plus (+)
Forward / Back Buttons Forward, Back
Connect / Power Button N/A
FreeSpin / Ratchet Mode Mode Shift Button
USB Report Rate Up to 1000 reports per second
Tuning Weights Up to 27 grams
Onboard Memory Yes
Profiles (Max) 1 with Hardware (Onboard Memory)
30 with Software
Indicator Lights (LED) Power, DPI Settings
Cable Length 2.015 meters or 6.61 feet (Braided)


Buttons and Functionality

Here is where the G500s can use some serious improvement. Logitech stresses the importance of precision, yet for some odd reason have dropped the ball on a few of the G500s’s buttons. Firstly, the scroll wheel. I’m not a professional gamer, but I, like any other gamer, appreciate buttons that work well and easy. The scroll wheel on the G500s is clunky, difficult to click (You have to be a friggin heart surgeon not to miss-click it), and it just seems poorly designed.

The side buttons could also use some serious work. It’s rare that a high quality gaming mouse would have loose buttons these days; the G500s should be no exception. They feel flimsy and very toy-like. I honestly don’t understand how Logitech could have let such a thing slide on such an otherwise exceptional product.


Performance Over Time

Some mice begin to falter over the course of a month and show their true colors. One thing Logitech may quote me on is “Logitech has always and will always create products which can outlast just about any competitor on the market.” I say this because not only due to dumb luck, but through trials and tribulation, every Logitech product I have ever used have lasted until replaced be an upgraded one. Simply, this mouse will last up to the point you want to replace it with something else that adds functionality.

Grade: C-

  • Poor side button and scroll functionality/quality
  • More suited to larger hands
  • Lacks that aggressive look and feel of other gaming mice
  • High quality and durability
  • Easily Macro-able
  • Comes with weights/braided chord
  • Made by Logitech


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