Heavy Gear Assault starts a Kickstarter campaign


Heavy Gear Assault starts a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising more money towards the development of the game. This just started and there are many good pledge rewards starting from $15, which will give you a copy of the game and $15 dollars worth of in-game currency.

And if you are well to-do and have money to throw around, there’s a $10,000 pledge that will get you quite a bit of pledge perks. But whether you get the $15 perk, the $10,000 perk or something in between, you will always be walking away with a copy of the game, which is great news.

According to their campaign:

Built today with the technology of tomorrow, Heavy Gear Assault promises to raise the bar yet again, with features that include:

E-SPORTS — Compete in tournaments and organized matches for fame  and fortune. Spectate and sponsor other players.  Vote on performances. Put bounties on poor sports and pay their enemies to take them out.

DYNAMIC COMBAT — Rip apart the arena with fully destructible terrain. Blow an opponents limb off and use their weapon against them. Pull the trigger at range or melee up close. Play as your pilot and move freely in and out of Gears.

CUSTOMIZATION — Stealth or armor? Guns or melee? The choice is yours. Customize your weapons or powerplant, sensors or CPU. Fine-tune your performance, and hire a support staff to keep your Gear in the fight.

SOCIAL INTERACTION — Create a profile and cultivate your fan base. Stream your matches and highlights to your favorite social media site. Rate players and spectators on their sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation and style.

FREE-TO-CHOOSE — Choose your level of involvement to pay and play how you want. Play entirely for free or pay for premium membership that doesn’t break the balance of the game. The free-to-play model has evolved.

UNREAL ENGINE 4 — Battle for dominance in photo-realistically beautiful arenas. Enjoy performance that scales to high- and low-spec PCs. Watch fully destructible environments and Gears rip apart, changing the shape of the fight.

The Free to Choose (F2C) is an interesting concept and is a departure of what is now fairly popular practice of Free to Play (F2P) which many of game companies are now using. But with that said we’ll have to wait and see how that really works.

To give some excitement for the launch, the developers have released a trailer showing what people want to see most in this game: destructible environments. Seeing the destructible environments just adds more to my excitement. I cannot wait for the game. I will put down a pledge for sure once I get my paycheck.

Check out the trailer below for the short but sweet destruction.

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