Iron Man 3 director explains the film’s take on The Mandarin

header mandarinOne thing I notice following the release of Iron Man 3 was that the fanbase for the franchise seem to be pretty divide on the depiction of The Mandarin. The film’s portrayal of the famed Iron Man villain was far different than that of the original comic. The topic has been brought up some heated debates within the nerd and geek community.


In the comics, The Mandarin was evil genius who wore ten magical rings that were created from alien technology. In the film, The Mandarin is a fictional terrorist created by Aldrich Killian to mask his companies illegal activities.

Recently, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black opened up on why the film’s production team decided to change The Mandarin’s character.

“I would say that we struggled to find a way to present a mythic terrorist that had something about him that registered after the movie’s over as having been a unique take, or a clever idea, or a way to say something of use. And what was of use about the Mandarin’s portrayal in this movie, to me, is that it offers up a way that you can sort of show how people are complicit in being frightened. They buy into things in the way that the audience for this movie buys into it. I think that’s a message that’s more interesting for the modern world because I think there’s a lot of fear that’s generated toward very available and obvious targets, which could perhaps be directed more intelligently at what’s behind them.”

Woah, Shane! What are you getting at?….. ILLUMINATI!!! 9/11 WAS A COVER UP!

IM3_Moscow_PhotoCall_4I understand Shane’s reasoning behind the change and looking back now you can see just how much when into the ploy of having the general public believe that Ben Kingsley was the main villain. From international press junket photo ops with RDJ and Sir Kingsley to even interviews.

I distinctly remember Guy Pearce stating in an interview that he wish he had a bigger part in Iron Man 3 than he actually had. He even went as far as to say that it was almost like a cameo. Very well played, Mr. Pearce.

I enjoyed the film’s version of The Mandarin, but I can see why some fans could be disappointed. It think it just all depends on your preference.

What did you think about the film’s version of The Mandarin? Let us know in the comment section below.

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