Star Wars vs. Doctor Who convention spat!


Police were recently called to a sci-fi convention (NOR-CON IV) held at the University of East Anglia to stop an argument between a Star Wars fan and a Doctor Who fan. There was no physical  fight. There was no lightsaber – sonic screwdriver battle. It was just a verbal argument between two different fandoms that was blown out of proportions.

The argument occurred between a Richard Walker, member of the Norwich Star Wars Club (NSWC) and Jim Poole, member of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club (NSFC). Apparently, these two clubs are rival clubs in the community. Walker reportedly walked up to Poole and began arguing with each other.

Mr. Walker said the visiting club had been trying to undermine and embarrass the convention by posting comments on social media sites such as Facebook. But Mr. Poole said he had attended “in good faith” to collect autographs from two actors for a Doctor Who signature diary to be auctioned for charity. Both sides said there had been a long-running rivalry between the two groups and the events they organise.

Police had to be called.

Wow. This is nerd overreaction at its’ finest.

Since when was there a Nerd War between Star Wars and Doctor Who. The whole Star Wars and Star Trek made sense – both had Star in the name and dealt with just space. If all else, it would be between Doctor Who and Star Trek since they both involve time traveling and space (luckily the two franchises teamed up and did a crossover comic book.).

I love my fandoms, but I respect other fandoms as well.

But seriously… why can’t we all just get along?

FYI: University of East Anglia was where 11th Doctor Matt Smith went to school.

Source: Telegraph UK

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