Some highlights from the Long Beach Comic Expo!


This past weekend a few of us got to experience the Long Beach Comic Expo (Not to be confused with the Long Beach Comic Convention, which takes place in November). This particular expo itself was only for one day only and was very low key. It was small and had the vibe of how the traditional Comic Conventions used to be without all the crazy media and long lines.

A couple of the well known artists in attendance were Ale Garza and Abe Lopez. If you don’t know who they are, I suggest you Google them and you will see some of their art. Here are some of Ale Garza’s pieces:

















I suggest you go check out his deviantART page if you want to see more of his work.

Abe Lopez, the other artist in attendance, released a recent picture of the Batman cast of characters and inserted them into the Haunted Mansion, then renamed it The Arkham Haunted Mansion. Here’s the pic I took of it since it was gorgeous to look at. Check out his deviantART page as well!
Abe Lopez

There were also cosplayers in attendance too! This surprised me since this was only a one-day Expo, and I didn’t think people would dress up at all; I stand corrected. Among the very many cosplayers, Toni Darling made an appearance at the show. She was decked in her female Thor costume, and might I say, it was pleasant to the eyes. If you haven’t seen her costume, this is a pic taken a while ago, but is still gorgeous to look at. I was able to run a quick interview with her, so check that video out once we’re done editing it!
Female Thor

Lastly, one of the coolest cosplays that I thoroughly enjoyed was DeadFnPool. This guy was true to form as the “Merc with the Mouth”. Most Deadpool cosplayers don’t say anything or only dance around, but this guy was different. He actually insulted you like Deadpool and did a fine job of doing so. I give him major props for staying in character the entire time. He was a good sport in helping us film some of our coverage. If you get a chance, go check out his Facebook page here ->


DeadFNPool. Not to be confused with your average mute Deadpool.

In closing, Long Beach Comic Expo was exactly what it was. Short and sweet. I actually didn’t mind that it was just one day. There’s less hassle of bumping into hundreds of other people, and less hassle with finding a hotel to stay at with friends. If you want to attend an expo without all the hype, but still filled with nerdy goodness, I suggest heading to Long Beach Comic Expo next year!

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