New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Shredder has possibly been cast!

TMNT Shredder

We have just gotten word that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film announced that actor William Fichtner has joined the cast. Even though it has not been officially announced, Deadline is reporting that The Dark Knight actor is taking up the mantel of a “lead role with iconic stature in the Turtles’ mythology.” While there has yet to be a confirmation, many are saying that Fichtner will more than likely play the turtles’ most renown arch nemesis, the Shredder.

William Fichtner is noticeably not of Asian decent, so one has to wonder just how will portray the legendary role of Oroku Saki? One thing I did want to point out also, is that I posted the first look at the pre-CG turtles today. In the new set photos, fans also got their first look at the Foot Clan. The Foot were noticeably no longer a league of ninja assassins, but black ops mercenaries. I find this interesting, because it completely coincides with the script that was leaked last year.

TMNT new foot clan

In said leaked script, The Foot were a black ops special military unit that are controlled by Colonel Schrader. Could this be the role that William Fichtner signed on for? I certainly hope not.

Stay tuned!

Source: Deadline

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