GameStop to end PlayStation 2 trade-ins starting June 1


If you remember, Sony stopped PlayStation 2 production late last year in Japan, and that was after a 13-year run and over 150 million units shipped worldwide. Now the picture above has started to show up in different GameStops, and it has been confirmed with many stores. At the start of June, GameStop will no longer accept any PlayStation 2 games, accessories, and systems trade-ins.

However, they [GameStop] will continue to sell of all its PlayStation 2 systems, games, and accessories in all its stores, online included, “for several months” until they have depleted their stocks. GameStop’s reason for axing the trade-ins? Simple, they want to make room for the PlayStation 4 in the fall.

While I understand the move, it really comes as no surprise to me.  I don’t think I’ve ever traded in a single game I’ve purchased in the last ten years, and I’m not about to start now either.  While I can’t wait to bring home a brand new PlayStation 4 later in the year to add to my collection, I still have a library of games that I still love to play time to time on my PS2.

Source: Engadget

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