Pepper Potts sex tape story scrapped from Iron Man 3?!

176061 While Iron Man 3 is doing supremely well in the theaters, news came out today of some of the odd plot points of the movie that were scrapped in the film’s early drafts. Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and screen writer Drew Pearce talked with Empire Magazine and during their interview they revealed that initially there was a storyline that involved Pepper Potts having a sex tape with Aldrich Killian.

According to the team behind Marvel’s latest film, in one of the early drafts, Pepper was seduced by Killian and the release of their sex tape soon followed.

Pepper, in one draft slept with Killian because he was so pheromonially enhanced with the Extremist that she couldn’t resist him. She was angry with Tony and she sleeps with Killian. Then he makes a sex tape and broadcast it in Home Depot.

Very bizarre storyline don’t you think? It was probably for the best that it was left on the cutting room floor. Unless Pepper was planning on having her own reality show and clothing line. Get it? It’s a pop culture reference! 😛

Anyway, the interview with Shane Black and Drew Pearce also reveals more villains in the earlier draft of the film Iron Man film; Madden, Simon Krieger and Edwin Cord. With the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian taking up so much of the story, there was no room for more baddies.

You can listen to the full interview below. Also, make sure to check out our review for Iron Man 3.

Source: Empire Magazine

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