SEGA and Gearbox are being sued for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

There’s a class-action lawsuit in Northern California against SEGA and Gearbox for false advertisement of Aliens: Colonial Marines. I knew that the game has been receiving a lot of negative reviews, but could it be that bad that a bunch of gamers actually want to sue the developer and publisher?

The lawsuit is being handled by the Edelson LLC firm, and they’re representing Damion Perrine. The claim is that the trailers, previews, and playable demo were suppose to show what you can do in the game. They said that because their promise wasn’t delivered, it’s breaking the business code.

Another thing to note is that the lawsuit also includes SEGA and Gearbox’s failure to allow video game critics to review it before the launch date, thus leaving the consumers who pre-ordered with no idea about how the product really is.

“Each of the ‘actual gameplay’ demonstrations purported to show consumers exactly what they would be buying: a cutting edge video game with very specific features and qualities,” Edelson’s filing explains. “Unfortunately for their fans, Defendants never told anyone – consumers, industry critics, reviewers, or reporters – that their ‘actual gameplay’ demonstration advertising campaign bore little resemblance to the retail product that would eventually be sold to a large community of unwitting purchasers.”

The firm’s Ben Thomassen had this to say about companies needing to keep their word to customers about their products.

“The gaming community had a strong reaction to the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. We think the video game industry is no different than any other that deals with consumers: if companies like Sega and Gearbox promise their customers one thing but deliver something else, then they should be held accountable for that decision.”

I know this is a different medium, but what if people can start suing movies for showing trailers with scenes not in the final movie?

Source: Polygon

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