True Adventure: The Key to Eternity – Exclusive behind-the-scenes video and episodes are out!

True Adventure The Key to Eternity

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones and love web series, then you should check out this original web series called True Adventure: The Key to Eternity. It has plenty of grand action and car chase sequences. Hell, it even has the Wilhelm Scream added in for good measure. Filmmakers Jon Enge and Tom Lipka were able to raise $10,000 on indiegogo to make this happen.

True Adventure: The Key to Eternity is about two treasure hunters who double-crossed the Nazis in search of a mysterious artifact. Now they must escape and find safety at the British Airborne encampment before the Nazis get to them. Don’t forget to stay after the end credit scenes.

Part 1

Part 2

We also have an exclusive for you. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below, only on Nerd Reactor!

Source: Mars Rising Films

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