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As a music lover who listens to music on my iPhone and videos on my iPad, I depend on headphones that can enhance my music experience. When I received the Wicked Audio Evac headphones, I used it among my many electronics and I have to say, they weren’t bad at all.


I was sent the Army green color headphones, which gave an urban look to it. The top headband part is fabric, so it could get easily dirty and stay wet (if it gets wet). The ear cushion is water resistant material (my water spilled in my bag, but I was able to wipe it off the ear area). The headpiece sits comfortably on my ears (I have a small head) and wasn’t too tight. I was able to listen to music for three hours without my ears feeling sore. It doesn’t completely cover my ears (I have large ears) but it covers the ear hole for the most part. The cord is string, so it could get tangled easily if you don’t wrap them around the headphones after each use. I prefer this kind of cord over plastic though because it is less likely to become tangle than plastic. With foldable ears, the headphones are compact to fit into my medium size purse. This is very convenient for traveling if you want headphones instead of earphones for the music quality.  The headphones also comes white and black. wicked audio EVAC


The sound is really clear and crisp. The bass was also clear when I turned up the volume. I listened to songs from electronic to rap to pop and the bass beats came at the appropriate times. This brand is known for their bass settings and I was very impressed with it. When it comes to the folk and romantic sounds, adjust the bass equalizer to low because the headphones automatically has a high bass sound.

With the headphones covering my ears, it drowns out the outside sound when I place the music loud enough (but not to the point of hearing damage). I definitely rocked out to the music wearing this.

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Final Reaction

Having spent over $100 on high-quality headphones in the past, these headphones are relatively low in price (MSRP $60.00, but can be found online for half) and high in quality. For those on a budget, these headphones were great wen I was listening to music and watching movies (on my iPad). The sound quality is great – especially the bass and I really like the look of it. It has a urban feel to them. Another great thing about Wicked Audio is that they also offer a lifetime warranty on their products which is useful in case of tearing on the cord or earpiece. I wonder if their warranty includes rabbit bites.

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  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Sensitivity 103dB
  • Frequency 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Cord Length 4ft/1.2m
  • Gold plated


  • $59.99

Grade: A

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