Divoom Onbeat-X1 The Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Gaming Speaker


The Divoom Onbeat-X1 The Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Gaming Speaker is a great piece of equipment that is so compact, it can fit in your pocket and is priced at only $39.99 on sites such as Amazon.com. It offers lush clear sound, great bass, and versatility making it functional for all kinds of sound. Its main features include:

  • Suction cups to stick the speaker on the back of your smartphone or any smooth surface
  • Vibration bass for gaming for more realistic gaming experience
  • Compact Bluetooth speaker for gaming and music playback
  • 3.5mm audio cable option
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of music playback via USB

Setting up this product was extremely easy via Bluetooth, and no password is needed. Your phone will just find this product immediately and connect once you confirm it, making it just as easy as hard plugging it in through auxiliary. Charging it was also very simple in that it connects via Micro-USB, which allowed me to use my cell phone charger and the small cable to my laptop that came with the product, making it very simple and convenient.

Over the past 3 weeks, I was really able to test this product in real life application and use. First I took this speaker to the park where my family was having a get together and connected it to both an iPhone and an android device. Through the Bluetooth function, I sat about 20 feet away with my phone streaming through Pandora as I texted and had no connectivity issue. With the rather obtrusive background noise, I didn’t expect the speaker to be as loud as it was, allowing an entire group of people to enjoy the music at a near perfect sound level. I then took this item on a cruise and decided to use the auxiliary cable as I suction cup mounted the speaker to the mirror in my room, which provided a very party-like atmosphere for my cabin of 4. One thing to note is that the speaker stayed mounted on the mirror overnight and never fell off. Lastly I connected it to my roommate’s iPad, and to my own Android tablet to play games and watch a movie, immediately noticing the difference in sound quality in both games and movie watching. In all of these occasions the speaker never died.


The sound on this Bluetooth portable speaker is very clear, the bass hits pretty hard, and it can get loud enough to hear both inside and outside without becoming distorted even at the max volume. With a price tag just shy of $40, it is definitely worth the value.

Grade: A

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