Fresh new stills and details released for Thor: The Dark World

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In anticipation of the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World this week, USA Today has released two new stills and some details about the upcoming sequel. As with the first film, Thor: The Dark World will deal with the relationship between Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Only this time around it comes with some complications. “Thor still has lot of explaining to do, and a lot of making up,” says Hemsworth. “Even demigods end up in the doghouse, mate. So none of us is safe.”


As you can see from the image below Jane Foster isn’t on Earth anymore. As it turns out, Foster’s life is in danger, and Thor is forced to bring her from Earth to Asgard for safekeeping. “So while Thor was a fish out of water on Earth in the first two films (Thor and The Avengers), this time Jane is very much a fish out of water in Asgard,” says Feige. If there’s a chance Jane Foster utters the words, “This drink I like it, another.” I’d be the loudest person laughing at the theater.


On top of all this, we will also get to see the family quarrel and a love triangle brew in the movie as well. It’s been revealed that Odin will not be too keen at his son choosing a Midgardian as his love interest. Also, we will get to see a love triangle form between Thor, Jane, and Lady Sif, something that was partially hinted at at the end of Thor.

I expect great things from this movie, especially since Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor is at the helm. With the film set to traverse the nine realms, keeping the film from slipping into campy territory was the primary reason Taylor was brought on-board. As you people have seen in the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, Taylor can definitely pull off the grounded look in a very fantastical world. “We were worried about coming across as hokey or whatever,” says Hemsworth. “If there is anyone who can pull off a fantastical world like Asgard with a great amount of integrity, it is Alan Taylor, as we’ve seen in Game of Thrones.”

Thor: The Dark World thunders into theaters on November 8th, 2013.

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