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Today we’ll be reviewing the BT Touch Handsfree Wireless Portable Speaker from Satechi. Now before we jump right into it, here are the specifications for this amazing piece of equipment:

  • Portable Bluetooth wireless speaker with touch-LED buttons streams phone calls and music with 2.5×2 Watt Speaker
  • Auxiliary cable and USB cable charger inlcuded
  • Bluetooth Ver. 3.0: Hands-Free, AVRCP, A2DP / Automatic connection / One time pairing
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery through USB lasting up to 6 hours of playback time
  • Multifunctional touch-LED buttons control play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down and answer call.

This portable speaker is very, very easy to setup and use. There is absolutely no way anyone could screw up the setup upon opening the box. As long as you’re literate and can follow instructions, you’re already ahead of the game. The moment you turn on this piece of equipment it starts off in Bluetooth pairing mode and will attempt to detect the closest appliance looking to pair with it. In my hand was my iPhone and it detected it immediately. I also attempted to pair it with an iPad, a Nexus, a Droid, and a Galaxy note, and they all paired beautifully. I didn’t run into any issues detecting the speaker as long as the product you have allows Bluetooth pairing, you will detect the speaker right away.

If you look at the picture that I posted at the top, you can see the buttons. Again, it’s simplified as well. You have the Play/Pause, seek buttons, volume control, and the Bluetooth pairing button. I didn’t mind the simplicity, however I did miss the option of being able to adjust the treble and bass. Although despite not having that option, the speaker itself performs above average.

The sound that comes out of this portable speaker is phenomenal. The sound is clear, very crisp, and you don’t get any feedback or distortions when you increase the volume up to max. I compared it to my roommate’s JAMBOX (another wireless portable speaker) and personally, in my opinion, I think that the Satechi has better quality sound. The speaker may be small, but the bass it produces for its size surprised me. It was also clear and not distorted even at max volume. The only minor gripe I do have is that the volume seems to reset to its original level whenever my iPod changed songs making me have to adjust the volume again. I ran into the same issue when I attempted to watch streamed videos.

The battery life of the box is about 6 hours. I tested this by leaving it on and playing the constant sound of a thunderstorm for a good portion of the day as I did my errands. The one negative that I have to bestow on this speaker is that you have to charge it via USB cable. It needs to attach to a computer or an appliance that has a USB connector for it to have to charge. I have no idea why they didn’t include an actual charging cable that would allow you to plug it into the wall to charge. Perhaps ease of packaging? If this question really bothers you, you can ask the manufactures themselves.

If you’re looking for an affordable portable speaker box with ease of use and high quality sound, I recommend this awesome speaker.

Grade: A-

Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G / iPod Touch G4 / iPad / Mackbook / Mackbook Pro / Macbook Air / iMac / Mac Mini. Motorola Xoom / Atrix / Droid X / Droid 2 / Droid / Milestone / Backflip / CLIQ / CLIQ XT. HTC Flyer / EVO 4G / Droid Incredible / Droid Eris / Aria / Hero / HD2 / HD7 / Nexus One / Tilt 2 / Touch Pro / Desire / Imagio / Shift 4g / Thunderbolt. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1/ i9000 / Captivate / Fascinate / Vibrant / Epic 4G / Moment / Focus / Alias / Nexus S / Omnia II , 7 Continuum. Blackberry Playbook / Torch / Storm / Storm 2 / Bold / Bold 2 / Tour / Curve / Curve 2 / Pearl 3G T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / MyTouch 3G / G2 / G1 Nokia N900 / N8 / Nuron / N97 LG Quantum / Optimus Dell Streak / ASUS Eee Pad Transformer / ViewSonic gTablet / HP TouchPad. (Product Compatibility from

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