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Next week, one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! sets in a long while will be released with Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars. While previous sets introduced a new set or added support to existing ones, HA7 introduces two new archtypes that will be powerful right out of the box with Evilswarm and Constellar decks.

There are also plenty of amazing cards in this set adding support to Gem-Knights, Fire decks, and more. There will be some really awesome and useful Secret Rares like Daigusto Emeral and Lavaval Chain, which can easily fit into any deck, while adding great support and power to your deck as well as plenty of other cards.

While important cards like Evilswarm Kerykeion, Constellar Sombres, Constellar Omega will be released in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy set on May 11th, you can still run both a powerful Constellar and Evilswarm decks right away with some good pulls. People are already fearing Evilswarm Ophion, a XYZ monster that negates special summons of level 5 or higher monsters with no cost, as well as being a powerful 2550 monster making it tough to get over.




El Segundo, CA (April 18, 2013) – Battle lines have been drawn and the monsters are preparing to face off in Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.’s (Konami) latest Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME all-foil booster set release, Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars.  Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars ($3.99 MSRP) features a five-card all foil pack and is available April 26 at retail and hobby shops nationwide.

This penultimate booster set prepares Duelists for Hidden Arsenal’s climactic final battle between light and darkness! Both sides are bringing their mightiest monsters to the conflict, as the star-spawned Constellars face off against the sinister Evilswarms – who have infested and corrupted the most famous Hidden Arsenal monsters of the past three years. These cards were previously only available to Duelists in-store via the Duel Terminal arcade-style machines.

Gem-Knights, Gishki, Gusto, and Laval monsters are also bringing out their biggest creations yet, plus new Spell and Trap Cards to give them an edge against the Constellar and Evilswarm powerhouses. As an extra bonus, Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars contains 10 new cards from the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL animated series, not found anywhere else!

At 70 cards in total, Hidden Arsenal 7 is the largest Hidden Arsenal set to date, with 24 Secret Rares (one per pack) and 46 Super Rares (four per pack).

Duelists can tune in every Saturday morning for the all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL animated series and classic Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes on Vortexx on The CW, the leading Saturday morning kids broadcast network in the United States. In Canada, Duelists can watch episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL every Friday and Saturday on YTV!  For more information on Konami or the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, please visit www.yugioh-card.com or call 310-220-8630.


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