Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Grudge Match at Treyarch

So on Tuesday the Nerd Reactor team added a new item on the list of “Cool things I got to do in my life”, which was actually 2 things now that I think about it:

-Going to Treyarch Studios

-Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with Torrey Smith and Ray Rice of the Super Bowl XLVII champions Baltimore Ravens

It was really fun way to spend a day actually, watching 2 NFL stars go head to head in a game of Black Ops 2 with all the new DLC maps from the pack “Uprising” that was released just that morning on the Xbox 360.

2 players you definitely don't want to cross, either on the football field or on Black Ops 2.

2 players you definitely don’t want to cross, either on the football field or Black Ops 2.

In a Grudge match that was to the best of three, everyone in the room got to be involved in the grudge match by playing in a few modes with them. These include Demolition and Capture the Flag in 6v6 matches with both Smith and Rice leading each team. Afterwards we managed to get a few words with Torrey Smith.

NR: On your off season, what do you normally like to do?

Smith: Playing video games. I rotate between Call of Duty and FIFA. I love fishing and spending time with my family and dogs as well.

NR: If you had a chance to to add anything to the game [Black Ops 2], what would you add?

Smith: Myself

NR: Do you play Call of Duty often?

Smith: We all play a lot, our team bonds alot, we call each other and say what time we’ll be on. Everyone has their headsets, talk trash to each other and we all have a good time.

So at the end of the day we all had a good set of laughs, tried out the new DLC “Uprising” maps which is now available (my personal favorite is “Encore” because of the 2 awesomely good sniper spots) and just all around had a good time hanging out with Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and the guys at Treyarch.

End of Interview

You can watch the video to see who won. It was a fun event showcasing how good Ray Rice and Torrey Smith are behind the controller, especially when pride, glory and owning your opponent are on the line.

Here’s a quick little montage of what happened:

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