Earthbound comes to Virtual Console, Nintendo is paying attention to Wii U pages

direct8Earthbound, also known in Japan as Mother 2, was released for the Super Nintendo in North America and Europe. In Japan the Mother series spanned three titles, with the first mother on the Famicom, Mother 2 on the Super Famicom, and Mother 3 on the Gameboy Advance.

Mother 2 has been available on the Japanese Virtual Console for years, while in America Super Nintendo copies on eBay retails for over $130 dollars. For the last 18 years this was the only way to legitimately play the game.

Well good news for everyone who has been waiting, Nintendo saw the outcry of the community with all the “Where is Earthbound?” and drawings throughout the forums on the Nintendo Wii U and has finally announced the game will be on European and North American Wii Us before the end of 2013. This will give them plenty of time to deal with all the legal issues and work on the coding.


Keep it up guys, it shows Nintendo is reading what fans want!

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