Rockform protects your Galaxy III with the Rokbed v3


I have always bought some sort of protector for my phones due to it being dropped or damaged. My number one priority when it comes to buying a new phone is a screen protector, which is a major life saver. It’s not cheap to replace a phone’s screen if it’s damaged, but getting a screen protector will help the screen last a long time. Even with a good case your phone isn’t normally 100% safe, because the cast doesn’t protect the screen, I even wondered what’s the best way to review a phone case?

I’ve had the Rokbed v3 for a little over 2 months now. I can say it does its job, since there was a time when the phone dropped. The case cushioned the impact and releases to avoid any damage. The Rokbed v3 does add weight and size to the phone, and it also includes a magnet, which I haven’t really found a use for aside from locking my phone in a metallic area (My friends wonder how my keys are sticking to my phone though).

If you notice on the back of the case there is also a small indent with a stopper that’s used to attach the V3 Suction mount. The mount is capable of attaching to any flat surface or your car windshield, which can help you be hands free.

Rokbed v3 is more than just a case; it’s a system. The new v3 includes never before seen features such as an integrated lock mechanism, anti-slip grip, and a magnet kit. Made from tough polycarbonate that is reinforced in critical areas, it is also one of the most protective Samsung Galaxy S3 cases on the market today, protecting your phone from six directions. It’s compatible with all markets except Japan and Korea.


  • Injection molded polycarbonate frame
  • Remote Mounting System (RMS), mount most anywhere
  • Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert
  • Magnet Kit
  • Rokgard screen protector
  • 360 degree turn and rotation
  • 210 degree tilt for ideal viewing angles
  • Powerful suction pad measures 3.4″ (86.4mm) in diameter
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