Rumor Patrol: Xbox successor to launch in early November with a $500/$300 price tag


It’s been quite a week for Microsoft. Coming off the much-maligned Adam Orth tweets and the rumor that XBOX 360 successor would be an always-online console, now comes a new rumor which will sure to get gamers even more fired up against the new XBOX. Coming from a very reliable source, veteran Microsoft journalist Paul Thurrot on a recent What The Tech podcast has speculated that the system is “going to be expensive, $500, $300 with a subscription, that kind of thing.” While he didn’t reveal a specific source for this information, Ars Technica has stated that Thurrot presented the information with “the matter-of-fact assurance of someone who had been briefed directly.”

To add more fuel to the proverbial fire about the always-online console rumors, Thurrot said, “Going back and looking at some of the stuff I got a long time ago, it actually says ‘must be Internet connected to use,’ that’s in the notes, that’s all I have, but it does say that.”

I guess we’ll find out if all these rumors are true soon, since Thurrot was able to confirm that an event would come just ahead of E3 (June 11-13), and Microsoft’s own developer-focused Build conference starting on June 26, which Microsoft will feature content focused on the XBOX. If all these rumors are true regarding the next XBOX console one can expect gamers to cry out in anger over the massive price raise and the always-online features. I think I smell a riot coming. But again until these features are officially unveiled consider everything you hear to be absolute rumor.

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