Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Headset review

Headsets-XtaticGood evening boys and girls! It’s time for another tech review from yours truly.<3 This week I will be taking a look at the Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset. This fairly new brand’s headset is an all-in-one gaming headset that works for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Sharkoon is not a very well known brand, so let’s take a look and see how the X-Tatic SPs holds up.


The one thing I liked right off the back with the X-Tatic SPs is that they came with almost every audio plug imaginably needed to connect your gaming headset and I’m not over exaggerating when I say that either. Abundance of audio cables aside, the X-Tatic SPs sport a sleek black polished look. The headset itself is light, yet sturdy. The headband for the headset is insulated with a soft cushion material that is wrapped in leather. The headphone cups also contain the same soft comfortable material as the headband. Not to mention, the headband and the headphone cups are fully adjustable.

The headset has a detachable mic. It also comes with a Volume Control that allows you to mute your mic, change the volume of voice chat and in-game audio.



Sound for the X-Tatic SPs is pretty good. The tremble is detailed and the bass is really bumping. In fact, the bass literally shakes the headset. The headphones really shine during intense gunfights and really accent the drums of a game’s score. The only downside to the enormous amount of bass is that it drowns out the mids and the highs. Also, there appears to be a constant low hissing noise whenever the game audio is silent.

Final Verdict

Nagging hissing aside, the sound for the headset is quite good for its price range. The Sharkoon X-Tatic SP is quite comfortable and deliver pretty decent audio for their cost. They may not be on par with Astro’s top of the line models, but for fifty bucks the X-Tatic SPs  are a good all-in-one gaming headset that give you everything you need and more.

Grade: B

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