Call of Duty: Black Ops II Championship Day 2

It started with 32 teams and so far we are seeing some intense matches from some hungry teams looking to dominate and take the championship. On Day 2, the brackets are divided between the Winners and Losers brackets while teams are going home one by one.


In the Winner’s finals, two of the strongest teams went head to head, Team Complexity vs. Fariko Impact. They went face to face in a match which was close from start to finish, with Fariko Impact coming out on top. In the next match of the winners, Fariko Impact faced off against Envyus with Envyus caming out on top sending Fariko Impact to the losers bracket.

In the losers bracket, Complexity faced off against Optic Gaming with Optic Gaming clutching the game and taking out Complexity. This leaves tomorrow’s match of Optic Gaming vs Fariko Impact a crazy match that is a must watch. All the while, Envyus sits on top waiting for their challengers.

The room is filled with players watching the action as well as Activision team members along with the Treyarch Dev Team, and plenty of fans anxiously watching either live or on stream via and Gamestop.

Day Three will feature the final matches with a huge prize for the best team. 32 became 16 and then 8, finally we get the top 4 before the final 2 face off for $400,000 and the beautiful trophy.

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