Call of Duty: Black Ops II Championship Day 1

IMG_0529The Call of Duty¬†Championship is a three-day event being held in Hollywood, California featuring 32 of the best teams from around the world competing for lots and lots of money. $1 million is up for grabs, plus bragging rights, for the best team in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It’s either go big or go home, and many teams are hungry to win the Grand Finals.

IMG_0521Watching the stream is great because you can watch whatever streams you want from anywhere on your PC, or any device that has a Twitch application. Being at the location has a different atmosphere since you’re able to watch, cheer and support your favorite player or teams.

You can get all the details and see who has qualified at the Call of Duty Elite website, and you can watch the stream on your Xbox,, or via

Here are the links to the five different streams, each one showcasing a different match.

Call of Duty Championships – Alpha

Call of Duty Championship – Bravo

Call of Duty Championship – Charlie

Call of Duty Championship – Delta

Call of Duty Championship – Echo

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