Trademark agreement reached for Killer Instinct


It looks like Fox and Microsoft have reached an agreement to have a Trademark Coexistence for Killer Instinct. So now it is possible to see the return of Fulgore, Glacier, Jago, Spinal, Orchid and others to an XBox near you. The agreement was needed because Fox had aired a TV show of the same name back in 2005. This caused issues when Microsoft tried to renew the trademark back in 2012.

Without the Trademark Coexistence, we would not see a new Killer Instinct game in the future. Thanks to NeoGAF user Rösti for posting the news on NeoGAF’s forum. You can see the document on the link below.

As a big fan of Killer Instinct I am happy to see this happen. I grew up with this game and was blown away by its graphics back in the day.

So if you have been waiting for news about Killer Instinct, this is one of the best news you’ll hear for now. That is until they make the news of a release date. Let’s hope Microsoft does make this happen. As for now this could mean anything, like selling merchandise. I think that would be a dumb move to do for just merchandise. I have hope that Microsoft knows what they are doing and will start production on a new Killer Instinct game.

Source: USPTO and NeoGAF

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