Cosplayer gets asked to take off clothes in video interview

aigue-marine as batgirl by frank-sebastian sievert
Photo by Frank-Sebastian Sievert

What the hell is wrong with people these days? We’ve had some pretty disturbing cosplay stories in the past, but this one takes the cake.

Cosplayer Aigue-Marine accepted to do a Skype interview in her cosplay outfit for David Mirra’s Facebook page, “Cosplay: Not Just A Hobby.” The interviewer was Mirra’s girlfriend. When the Skype interview started, everything seemed normal with your “How did you get into cosplay?” and etc. After the initial cosplay questions, Mirra’s girlfriend then asked her if she wanted to participate in a quiz. The prize was going to be a $2,000 laptop. She figured there’d be no harm in participating, so she tried it out.

Things took a turn for the weird when she got an answer wrong and the girlfriend asked her to take a piece of accessory/clothing off. She didn’t want to do it, but the girlfriend pressured her still. Check out the interaction below.

[22:27:22] : “its not stripping, it’sjust a simple apron to try out the last two questions … -_-
[22:28:20] : and i’m not recording. i don’t need this kind of stuff.
[22:28:49] : because it is just the rule of the quiz, our sponsor doesn’t give free laptops.
[22:29:04] : no, because there is no video.
[22:29:09] : we just make it hard to win it.
[22:29:27] : it is simple, stand and remove the apron and we try a last question. it’s a prize after all.
[22:29:40] : no, i’m just trying to make you win something that has a value
[22:29:57] : just an apron, then you stop.
[22:30:08] : obviously no one is forcing you! i don’t want it :)”

Yeah, that’s some weird shit right there. A part of me really wants to meet these “people” and well…it wouldn’t be pretty.

Here’s a tip for you cosplayers out there, ask them what kind of questions they’re going to be asking and if there’s going to be a surprise they should know about. And as for these weird interviews, let’s cut that crap out, since it’s not nice to force people to do something they don’t want to do.

Source: Aigue-Marine’s Tumblr

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