IGDA members resign over GDC party

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Oh boy, this has become quite a mess hasn’t it? During the Game Developers Conference, IGDA, an organization for game software developers, and YetiZen, a company that helps with events, co-hosted a GDC party on Tuesday, March 26 at Ruby Skye, a San Francisco nightclub. Scantily-clad female dancers were reported to be dancing on stage, resulting in game designer Brenda Romero resigning as co-chair of IGDA Women in Games SIG, along with two other IGDA members, Jay Margalus and Darius Kazemi, also resigning. Romero and the others were upset that IGDA was throwing a party that featured scantily-clad female dancers two years in a row.

According to Sana Choudary, CEO of YetiZen, there were no scantily-clad female dancers. YetiZen only hired gamers, who happened to be dancers. They were invited on stage by the rappers performing to dance for a few minutes on stage. She also says that the outfits were approved by Kate Edwards, IGDA executive director. Here’s the biggest piece of important information, Brenda Romero and Darius Kazemi never attended the party.

Choudary did mention that news sites have been mixing up two different parties. The Wargaming party was also held at the Ruby Skye nightclub the next night. If this is true, that means that Brenda and the others left due to Wargaming having scantily-clad female dancers, and that is pretty stupid!

Via: Polygon

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