Fans start petition to get David Hayter back in Metal Gear Solid V

david-hayter-600x497If you missed it yesterday, long time Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter revealed on his twitter account that he would not be returning in Metal Gear Solid V. This stunned and shocked many die-hard fans who believe the actor’s voice has become synonymous with the franchise. The news was so viral that David Hayter actually started to trend on twitter shortly after the release of the Metal Gear Solid V trailer from GDC.

To date, David Hayter has portrayed the main protagonist in the Metal Gear series a total of 8 times. Metal Gear Solid V would have been his 9th. Some say this to be Kojima up to his old tricks again, but just in case, a few fans have rallied together to start a petition to get David Hayter back to where he rightfully belongs.

Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions
Kojima Productons, Konami
Hello, we are a group of Metal Gear fans who have set up a petition to show fan demand for the return of David Hayter as the voice of Snake in MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Please bring back David Hayter.

[Your name]

The petition was created earlier today and has generated almost two thousand signatures. Do you feel that David Hayter should be in the new Metal Gear Solid V? Click the link below:

Kojima Productions: Bring Back David Hayter as the voice actor for Snake In MGS V

You can also check out the GDC trailer for Metal Gear Solid V below, and for the record, I’ve had Garbage’s “Not Your Kind of People” stuck in my head all day.

Source: Twitter

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  • Comb

    People, spread this around as much as possible. This is our greatest hope for this injustice to be righted!!

  • Macked1

    Fun fact; David Hayter was so deticated to bringing fans the authentic metal gear experience that he gave up half his paycheck on the Twin Snakes just to reunite the original cast. I have a lot of respect for this man and will fight tooth and nail to right this injustice

    • -G

      this guy knows his stuff he’d do it for next to nothing because he gives a damn about the fans

  • ButterChess

    Alright guys, we have to work together, unite as a fan base. Lets ensure this injustice is corrected. This is utterly ridiculous. David Hayter is one of the nicest people ever and the last one this deserves to happen too. NO HAYTER NO BUY.

  • AveryS

    Oh no! What a disaster. Well looks like MGS4 is the last Metal Gear Ill be buying. No Hayter, no buy

  • Lilith

    Oh I see Kojima, Lets reinvent the series but instead of reinventing, actually lets just fire one guy. No HAYTER NO BUY

  • Zack Johnson

    Kojima has officially lost his way. we’re talking the man who gave up a paycheck just to get voice actors back together. How about we fix this guys; get on hammering Kojima/Konami USA (phone calls, twitter, email, whatever) Now is the time for action

  • EndingEffect

    More people need to see this. I get the impression half the fans don’t even know whats going on.

  • Nanneres

    Well this is one game I will now not be buying.

  • Tifix

    Oh ok lets just fire the heart and soul of the game. no hayter, no buy.

  • Alex


    He isn’t the voice actor for Big Boss, because Big Boss has aged since Peace Walker, and Hayter will be voicing Solid Snake instead. He can’t voice both characters at once if they meet and interact, without it sounding odd.

    It’s a ruse to get people talking, stir up controversy.

  • Braden

    Hi, My name is Braden Gunn as I’m sure some of you have noticed, I am the guy who set up the petition. Please help the petition by sending it out to others

  • Will

    The worst part of this is that Kojima doesn’t even give the fans a real reason. “I want to reinvent MGS” yet the same VA that voiced Snake in Japan forever gets to stay on…

  • blackocelot

    We returned to the original voice of Snake, Snake and Big Boss without David Hayter NO SNAKE.

    Fight all for this cause, Hideo reconsiders your posture.

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