Rockstar releases new screenshots and apologizes for lack of updates on GTA V

9CcuUkoI can clearly remember after last year’s E3, the big question on everyone’s mind was “where is GTA V?” They had just shown their first trailer a few months prior, but were still noticeably missing from the entire show. Needless to say many fans were not happy. Recently Rockstar Games released a statement addressing their lack of updates in the hopes to qualm angry fans.

As we have said before, we have often had long gaps between asset releases on previous games and will continue to do so in the future. We are sorry if you find this frustrating, but please understand, we don’t do this because we ‘don’t care about our fans’, ‘don’t respect our fans’, ‘hate GTA fans etc’ – precisely the opposite!

We do it because we want to make sure we only release 100% correct information, and because we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it.

Sorry, we can’t provide a timeline as to when you can expect more info or media from GTAV. Right now we’re just bunkered down busy working on the game and aren’t ready to share anything new – please be patient and of course there will be more to see in the months leading up to game release. Thank you.

Shortly after releasing this statement 10 new screenshots surfaced on the internet for GTA V. This will hopefully tide fans over for the time being, but I expect we won’t hear any big news until we are on the eve of this year’s E3.

You can check out the full gallery of the screenshots below.
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