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a-big-handfull-of-colorfull-hyperdimension-neptunia-victory-screenshots-have-arrivedThe third title in the Neptunia series is Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, a semi-canon JRPG featuring four different girls known as the Goddess CPUs of Gamindustri. In the first Hyperdimension Neptunia game Neptune loses her memory after the other Goddesses try to defeat her for good until all four needed to come together to defeat the evil Arfoire (R4) from destroying Gameindustri. Neptunia MK2 changes focus from Neptune to Nepgear, Neptune’s younger sister known as Goddess Candidate who must locate the other candidates to save the four CPUs and defeat Arfoire once again.

The game is semi-canon do to the fact that while the goddesses friendships exists after the first game, most of the enemies are magically unknown with only hints of familiarity. Neptune isn’t a game to be taken seriously, as it tends to focus heavily around bad puns, silly jokes, parodies, innuendos and S&M (yes you read that right).

If you have played the previous Neptune games it’s almost the same thing with a few changes. There are still four regions which represent the console wars, but this time the alternate world is more retro than hers. Planeptune (Sega) has been around for a while and her CPU is Plutia (Mega Drive). She hangs out with Noire who looks to become a CPU Godess and found her own region she represents the original PlayStation, the only other region that has been around just longer than is Lowee and there CPU Blanc (Famicom), and while Neptune knows them all from her world, they don’t know her or each other.

The game has you exploring the different areas and traveling through the different regions, usually collecting goods for quests, fighting enemy monsters or bosses for certain scenes. You will visit some hilariously named areas like the above “Metroid Shelter” and a Halo-titled map very often.

The Battle system is retained from the previous games. Your character can move a certain amount at their turn, and depending on their equipped weapon, it has a specific range you can perform combos by equipping techniques and also using skills you unlock. New to the game are improved EX finishers and a Super attack move based on how much EX stock you have saved, which can deal tons of damage. When you feel you need more power and stats, you can activate the CPU’s HD form which allows them to activate their powers, deal more damage and have access to stronger moves. In previous titles, activating HD mode would waste MP and then every turn you stayed in HD would have more MP being expended. Well this time once you activate this mode no more MP is wasted, allowing you take great advantage of it. It’s pretty funny because another new ability is the combined techniques that use the EX bar and allow CPUs to combine and deal powerful damage, in some odd ways.

Overall hilarious and silly, this isn’t for everyone. The game is a bit more difficult than the previous ones, since to proceed in chapters you must defeat certain enemies, which at certain points require a bit of work with your scouts to change a locations enemies or items. Sometimes you find yourself wondering where a certain mid boss could be, and the game won’t give you hints on where to find it, leaving you to explore for quite a long time. Added to this game are reviews that give you a score based on how many enemies you defeated, quests you completed, usage of scouts and shares collected in the form of a TV show, as well as a home shopping network and trivia show hosted by the cast. The improved battle system and animation makes Neptunia Victory more fun to play than the original, and the addition of Plutia and her two personalities is pretty hilarious and makes the game more fun, if you can handle the jokes.

Grade: B

Hyperdimension Neptunia will also be an anime series starting this summer. Fans of the game series may want to tune in.

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