Captain Kirk fights the Gorn… again!

William Shatner is at it again with an old foe: the Gorn…. or a guy in a replica Gorn costume. Trek fans remember the reptilian enemy from the classic episode “Arena” (1967). Vintage Kirk moves include a couple chops to the neck and the dreaded ear clap, but no epic drop kick. Bummer! But Shatner is 82 years old. What do you expect?

Star Trek: The Video Game Spot:

Yahoo! Movies released the exclusive spot today. This time around, the fight is to promote Star Trek: The Video Game, which matches up characters modeled after and voiced by new cast members against several adversaries.

Original fight from “Arena”:

Star Trek: The Video Game hits store shelves April 23rd, just before Star Trek Into Darkness beams into theatrts on May 17th.

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