Bungie at GDC 2013: Destiny Character Development Video

During Bungie’s GDC panel Brave New World: New Bungie IP, a video teaser showing off character development renders highlighting Destiny‘s races was played for attendees.

Three player classes were shown:

The Titan, presumably the *tank* class of the game. Sporting thick heavily armored gear and heavy weapons seems to be the choice for those of us who shoot first and ask questions later.


The Hunter, long range equipment and light armor, a class for those who wish to use terrain and strategy rather than brute force.


The Warlock, in very light looking armor, possibly the most adept at harnessing the powers of “The Traveler”.


Outside of the three classes a few other concepts were shown; the zombie-like Hive, multi-armed Fallen, metallic Vex and bulky Cabal are all here. From what we’ve witnessed so far the art and concepts are highly reminiscent of a Star Wars-esque universe. With the combination of medieval armor and technology, Bungie has created a wonderful world that we are more than excited to jump right into! On our PS4s.

The original trailer released in February will show you just what destiny has in store for YOU!


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