4 Pacific Rim Jaeger posters revealed


All this week, Pacific Rim’s facebook page has been unveiling Jaeger character posters for their upcoming nerdgasm giant robots vs. giant mechas film. Being as the film is an international affair, each poster represents what seems to be from the country that designed them. The mech models so far range from bulky mechas (such as the towering, Russian Cherno Alpha) to the traditional (such as the Front Mission-esque Coyote Tango). Despite del Toro’s insistence that Pacific Rim is not an homage to either Japanese monster movies or manga, some of these designs have a definite anime feel to them. Now time to take a look at some pretty looking Jaegers.

First up is Coyote Tango [Giant Japanese Techno-Tyrant] from Japan.


Next in line is Cherno Alpha [Stoic Russian Warrior] from Russia.


Yesterday, Crimson Typhoon [Riptide Red] from China was revealed.


Today, the facebook page revealed Striker Eureka [The Steel Bulldogs] from Australia.


Below you can see the world map of all the Jaegers from around the world. We’ll keep the map updated as more posters are revealed.



Pacific Rim battles its way into theaters July 11th, 2013.

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