Super Hexagon – A hidden rhythm gem


Hey kids! Not too fond of your retinas and got a few bucks to burn? Well then download yourself a copy of Super Hexagon!

Super Hexagon
Platform: PC, Iphone, Android, Blackberry
Creator: Terry Cauanagh
Music: Chip2el

This is a game of both timing and patience, because you are going to die…a lot. Not to mention you’re going to feel like you’re losing you’re footing (even if you’re sitting down) because of how the game spins, spins and spins.

Hardester? Do I even want to know?

Hardester? Do I even want to know?

The controls are extremely simple; 2 buttons to move left and right. You can use the mouse, keyboard or a gamepad for this game, and you can move a single place by tapping or by continuously moving by holding down left or right.

The soundtrack is really enjoyable, giving you the feeling of nostalgia of old Atari games with the rhythm and beat of Daft Punk. It gives you plenty of motivation to get better at the game, so you can hear the entire song. Sadly the game only has 5 tracks, however, given the challenge of the game, it’ll take you a while to hear the entirety of all five.

There’s even an Arcade mode that you can enable so you can make tournaments or just bring it to a party to see which of your friends gets frustrated enough to throw the monitor out the window. You also get the option of making a nickname for the online scoreboards if you feel confident enough that you scored well.

These aren't people, these are bots built with Twitch-tastic technology!

These aren’t people, these are bots built with Twitch-tastic technology!

Although it’s been out since September of 2012, for the measly price of $3, this is definitely one of those games you at least have to try. The best part is the final product itself is only about 33MB, so you can easily chuck it onto a USB stick and take it with you!

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