White House being petitioned for Macho Man Day

macho-manThey may have stopped our dreams of building a Death Star, but they can’t stop our love for the Macho Man. Oooooooohhhh yeaaaaaaahhh!

On March 2nd, a petition was created to make May 20th Macho Man Randy Savage Day. It was on that day that the world lost the Macho Man one year ago. The petition was created to make the day a celebration to his life and his legacy. The petition has already reached over 4,000 signatures, but it needs 100,000 before it is brought before The White House, where they will ultimately determine if May 20th should in fact be the national Macho Man Day.

If you’d like to sign the petition and help make May 20th Macho Man Randy Savage Day, visit the link below and spread the word.

Macho Man Randy Savage Day Petition

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