Here’s a new trailer for Pandora’s Tower as it will be released in April

pandoras_tower_wii_01XSEED is giving us the date of April 2013 for the release of Pandora’s Tower for the Nintendo Wii. The game follows Aeron, former soldier who’s on a mission to save Elena, a singer inflicted with a weird curse. To save her Aeron must defeat 12 master monsters and feed Elena the flesh of the monsters. The longer it takes Aeron the more the curse begins to change her, so time is of the essence.

Operation Rainfall, a fan campaign to have Nintendo bring over three games including Pandora’s Tower, worked. All the work and time they put in getting the companies and Nintendo to bring it to North America have paid off.

Enjoy the new trailer from Pandora’s Tower, and pre-order your copy now.

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