Momoa out, Bautista in for Guardians of the Galaxy?


Well I guess Jason Momoa isn’t going to be Drax the Destroyer after all! MovieWeb is reporting that former WWE superstar Dave Bautista is meeting with Marvel this week regarding the now open role. Last we heard, Jason Momoa was previously believed to have serious talks with the studio, but insiders claim the actor was holding out for double of what Marvel was offering. Marvel, not willing to budge on their initial deal, are now setting their eyes on Dave Bautista. Just how much was Momoa asking for? According to Latino Review, he’s been asking for double of what Mickey Rourke got for Iron Man 2.

While Marvel auditioned Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice guy) and Brian Patrick (one of Penny’s boyfriends in The Big Bang Theory), the role was going to go to either Jason Momoa or Dave Bautista. With Jason Momoa out, the role seems to be all Bautista’s for now. It’s a shame really, I really respect Jason Momoa but somebody needs to remind him that nobody saw his last two films.

While Drax is an important character when it comes to the Thanos storyline (he was created to destroy Thanos), he isn’t the most important character in Guardians. That title belongs to Star-Lord and Nova – if the rumors that the Nova corps does make it into the movie are true. One can only look to the ending of The Thanos Imperative to see what I’m talking about. That story arc made me realize that Star-Lord and Nova (again if the rumors are true that he is in the movie) are going to make or break the Guardians film.

So it doesn’t make sense to me that an actor would ask for more money than the lead actor, especially after starring in two movies that were dead on arrival. I’ve only seen Bautista in the godawful The Man with the Iron Fists, and while he was okay nothing really stood out with his acting. I have complete and total faith in Marvel though, in my opinion they haven’t failed yet in casting their heroes and villains. I don’t expect them to fail with their first cosmic Marvel franchise on the line. We’ll have more news on the situation as they break.

Guardians of the Galaxy launches into theaters August 1st, 2014.

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