Dolph Lundgren talks crap on violence in The Avengers


Dolph Lundgren has had many roles throughout the course of his tenured acting career. One even being the first ever Punisher from the Marvel universe. Granted, most of the films that he’s been in have had a fairly good amount of violence. In a recent interview with Hero Complex from L.A. Times, Dolph explains how a more family-friendly rating on a film with shooting and violence can have an adverse affect on the audience.

There will always be an exploration of new technology in things like The Avengers — that was a great movie, by the way — but I think certainly for part of the audience, if you fire a thousand bullets and there’s not a drop of blood, there’s something wrong with that. Part of the audience wants to see real explosions and real fights and that kind of real machismo.

Obviously, with his more recent Expendables films, there is no lack of blood at all. I think from his standpoint of coming from the old-school action movie era, a lot of films today still has a lot of action, but lacking substance. I definitely and completely understand where he’s coming from in saying that. With a movie like The Avengers though, it doesn’t quite fit as well.

Luckily, we still have films that are still being made that can utilize that sort of violence. Unfortunately, a superhero movie would not be one of them. Do you think superhero movies should have more violence and blood?

Source: L.A. Times

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