Tomb Raider will feature an open world, stealth, and close quarters combat

Tomb Raider screenshot

If I didn’t know that the Tomb Raider reboot was going to be an open-world action/adventure game, the Guide to Survival series will definitely make sure that I do, especially episode 2. Finally, it’s Lara Croft’s turn to deviate from the linear level design from previous games and head towards an open world. Tomb Raider’s open world reminds me of Far Cry 3’s open world, since they both take place on an island filled with pirates and criminals…and you’ll be able to find Japanese items from World War II. She can also set a base camp/campfire like in Red Dead Redemption¬†where Lara can “fast travel.” In case you didn’t understand the narrator, fast travel is when you can travel fast (/sarcasm).

Other aspects of the game that I’m excited about is the addition of stealth and combat moves. Lara will be able to sneak around and subdue enemies quietly, and she’ll also be able to handle close quarters combat, like dodging and countering melee moves. Yeah, Tomb Raider is definitely following in the footsteps of Uncharted, and I don’t mind at all, since Uncharted followed in Tomb Raider’s footsteps first.

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